Jul 08

Could This Cold Spring Ice Cream Parlor Be The World’s Best? You Decide!

There’s a line outside this ice cream parlor for a good reason. Moo Moo’s Creamery in Cold Spring is not the only game in town. But by truly living up to its declaration as the creator and purveyor of “The World’s Best Homemade Ice Cream”, it consistently draws a crowd of repeat patrons. Owner Alexi Katsetos has masterfully combined his recipe for top-notch product with his recipe for friendly customer service at his 6-year-old establishment, just a few steps away from the most scenic section of the Hudson. It is here that Alexi crafts 16 of his own unique ice cream flavors right in-house, fresh each day, and staffs his service counter with the most charming youngsters in the village.

Think you’re serious about ice cream? You haven’t been fully schooled until you’ve indulged in a heaping scoop of Moo Moo’s extensively researched formula, which includes only the highest quality, natural ingredients. We’re talking amazing texture combined with the genius of creative flavor ideas. Classics like chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and butter pecan are staples, while the adventurous can choose from brilliantly-executed esoteric flavors, which have included pomegranate, caramel cashew, peanut butter caramel swirl, tiramisu, fig, and Guinness chocolate-covered pretzel (holy cow!). Ice cream wasn’t like this when we were kids. Creative sorbets, frozen yogurts, shakes, cones and extensive toppings are also available. And bring your appetite, because Moo Moo’s scoops are Ginormous! Buy one, get one free when you wield your DRIVEN canvas bag on Cold Spring Community Day this August 12th.

Moo Moo’s Creamery
32 West Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516

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