Jul 16

Photography From Two Worlds: One Cold Spring Art Gallery Has An August Treat In Store!

New Yorkers love art and the art scene. That vibe permeates the Hudson Valley as well. Now that our region is overflowing with noteworthy artists, we need establishments like Gallery 66NY in Cold Spring to exhibit their works in a space that grants them their aesthetic justice. 66NY’s director Barbara Galazzo has a refined eye and exceptional standards. She holds a new opening every month, and only the works of local artists qualify.

On Cold Spring Community Day, you’ll want to tour through this cleverly laid-out gallery, which includes a neat little outdoor sculpture garden at the rear. And throughout August, 66NY will highlight the works of photographer Irv Suss, who is trained in landscape photography, but who in recent years has discovered his talent for abstract photography as well. While in town, you’ll be able to view a photographic retrospect of his “Two Worlds”, which includes an interesting twist on his older works, many of which depict the scenic and iconic Hudson Valley. Should you be inspired to support this unique photographer, Barbara will take 10% off your purchase on August 12th when you flash your DRIVEN eco tote bag, provided the work of your fancy is displayed in the gallery that day.

Gallery 66 NY
66 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516

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