Intentional Productivity

Conquering Corporate Roadblocks by Mastering Subjective Energy

Professional athletes are encouraged to take care of their bodies and minds as they recover from vigorous training and competitions. The result: They are razor-sharp and effective each time they compete.

Corporate professionals are expected to always be on their game 24/7, with little regard for maintaining their physical and emotional health. The result: They are not always able to sustain their momentum and compete optimally in business.

Professionals who understand the secrets behind managing their individual resources will constantly perform at peak because they know how to maximize their energy. Over the course of 4 Energy Management workshops, DRIVEN attendees will have the opportunity to become one of these peak performers by discovering how to incorporate the appropriate habits into their lives. They will learn to enjoy increased productivity and the capacity to reframe situations for creating positive results. These practices have the potential of transforming them into the “NFL stars” in their field.

Session 1: The Road to Productivity

The first of four workshops will define the building blocks to maximize productivity, and help create & launch a manageable plan to build the habits that will be key to enhancing efficiency.

During this first workshop we will:

  • Reveal and discuss the four types of energy. 
  • Realize how stress affects work performance.
  • Understand self-imposed factors that alter attention and achievement.   
  • Create goals for the first stage of energy management.                

Session 2: A Mindset for Optimal Output 

The second workshop will disclose how to shift ‘bad energy’ to ‘good energy’. By understanding the brain chemistries of catabolic energy and anabolic energy, we can mechanically shift our outlook of a situation from misfortune to opportunity.

During this second workshop we will:

  • Explore the chemistry of catabolic and anabolic energy.
  • Dissect how a thought is perceived and processed.
  • Rehearse realigning thoughts, resulting in a positive outcome.

Session 3: Fine-Tune Your Workplace Efficiency 

Now that participants have some keystone habits in place and have learned how to turn bad energy into good, we’ll focus on fine-tuning how to manage workplace productivity to further maximize energy. There are many opportunities to tweak how we go about our days that will enhance (or sap) our energy. These aren’t ‘habits’ but tendencies.

During this third workshop we will:

  • Suggest scheduling strategies that best suit individual biorhythms. 
  • Mitigate mental energy drains that are specific to the workplace.
  • Expand our efficiency toolbox by employing the power of habit.

Session 4: Managing Energy Crisis Situations

In this last session, each participant will sculpt an individual self- management plan to “Calm the Ocean and Surf the Waves”.

During this forth workshop we will:

  • Practice self-control during trigger situations.
  • Recognize crucial practices to perpetually perform extraordinarily.
  • Develop methods of accountability to ensure more consistent positive energy.