thought_provoking“I am a more patient and effective individual who is less reactive and more constructive as a result of the tools and Baby Steps I’ve taken in conjunction with DRIVEN Professional’s energy management and personal development workshops.”

— Fen Yee Teh, Founder: Cook Play Live

Paula M croppedThis week was quite productive. I stayed away from social media in the mornings (as in right after I wake up). It’s amazing HOW MUCH I can acomplish by not grabbing my phone first thing in the morning. It sets the tone of the day. Instead of browsing on my phone while having breakfast, I take that time do plan my day and have a sense of what I need to get done.

Also, I am including “social media/text breaks” throughout the day. I already used Pomodoro to break up my time in work and rest cycles, but now I’m doing a work-social media/text-rest cycle. It’s been life-changing. I mean, really. It’s like night and day. When I’m on my social media/text break, I allow myself to catch up with my social life. When the timer goes off, I get on “rest” mode and completely get off the computer/phone and disconnect. It’s this 5-minute period that I can silence that interior chatter and ground myself. Now, all I have to do is keep this for 30 days to become a habit, lol. That’s the challenge!!!

— Paula Machado, Co-Founder of Arseen

Baby Steps From Our September 28th, 2015 Event “Putting Time On Your Side”, Held at Dorsey & Whitney

IMG_4112Many of the smart and lucky attendees of our time management event, featuring guest speaker & author Laura Vanderkam, were inspired to take giant leaps by making a small change in their scheduling habits. Laura’s brilliant talk was jam-packed with advice, tips, and common sense approaches to being more productive in our careers, and thereby carving out more free time in our personal lives. Read through those participant baby steps below, and don’t be surprised to recognize a few recurring themes. If you’re inspired by what you find there, consider attending some of DRIVEN’s future events. To learn more about Laura Vanderkam’s work, invest in her latest book about professional time management I Know How She Does It. Many thanks go out to Laura for making the challenging trip from Philadelphia to present to our attendees, and to Dorsey & Whitney for hosting the event!

What Is Your Baby Step?

-When confronted with a daunting task, just do something (one task) instead of being paralyzed by fear.

-Task my email to 15 minutes and devote the other 45 to work or pleasure.

-Schedule 45 minutes/15 minutes, 45 minutes/15 minutes, etc.

-Be okay with white space.

-Be more comfortable with white space.

-Do what I can, delegate what I can’t!

-Complete a time log for one week. –Jess

-Keep a time log, and learn to delegate more.

-Time log: Schedule more constructive free time.

-Set up my time log and see (face) what’s actually going on.

-Time chart. –JD

-Use Time Tracker, and be kind to myself after it’s done.IMG_4111

-Learn to say “no”.

-Schedule time on weekends to relax.

-Schedule some “me” time.

-Block free time in my calendar to be open to new opportunities.

-Time management doesn’t mean packing every minute with stuff.


-No multi-tasking. And throw away people’s opinions.

-Use train time more wisely.

-End each night remembering one happy moment from the day.

-Remember the best thing which happens each day.

-Be mindful.

-Be mindful when spending my free time.

-Be more compassionate when a task falls off my list.

-Always be present.

-Be present in the task at hand to give the most to yourself and others.

-Live one day at a time.

-I will meditate.

-Seek peace. The inner kind.

— ,


Keep doing the great work you have been doing.  We re-energize at the events you organize.


— Ivana Estrada, Vice President, Morgan Stanley

IMG_1606I attend WAC events because they are consistently high quality. Deborah Goldstein creates and produces programs that have excellent presenters,  sharing relevant content that can be immediately incorporated into one’s life.  Networking at WAC event is an extension of the program and seems to flow naturally which is a huge plus!

— Lisa Ernst, Executive Director, Savvy Ladies

Elizabeth_WadeAs an entrepreneur, you never stop thinking about your business. Whether you’re at home, taking a vacation, or walking down the street for a cup of coffee you’re thinking about the work ahead. Attending the recent Women’s Advancement Compact’s, Advancement Strategy Symposium, I heard from and met with tremendous women working determinedly toward achieving their professional goals. WAC’s symposiums challenge us to make small daily changes or “baby steps” to continually advance toward achieving our goals and living our passions.

 WAC’s event taught me to embrace my personal brand and let client experiences work for me. After the event, I’ve committed myself to letting my brand shine and being bold enough to ask: Ask for new business, ask for a referral, and even ask for help.  Thank you WAC for reminding me of the power of ASK!

— Elizabeth Wade, Founder, Prospect Placement

Lenka headshot

WAC is not your typical ‘suit and tie networking organization’ but rather one that creates experiences for its members and guests, which facilitate networking and learning in a natural environment via interactive, fun events! I am excited to be a part of an evolving organization.’


— Lenka Wiles, Director, McGladrey

Jessica SmileWAC has been a wonderful experience not only in getting to know Deborah, but in networking and getting my first three clients for my new business. I have reconnected with old colleagues, which has been a tremendous experience. I find everyone I meet to be genuine, and inviting, which has been comforting as a new entrepreneur. I am thankful to be a member of WAC.

— Jessica Robinson, Founder, PurePoint

picturejun21The WAC "Love Languages" book discussion was a fabulous event! Deborah chose a very important topic and Ginny was an excellent moderator. The discussion was lively, open and honest. 

I loved hearing everyone's different insights and experiences, plus sharing my own. We all went to a deeper level than at a typical networking event. 

This was my first WAC event and I was impressed with the friendly, insightful and professional people that it attracted. Thank you, Deborah! I look forward to attending more!

— Cheryl Lazarus, , Relationship Coach, Founder of Zengalove

Adeeti KattiMy first WAC event was also my first “real” networking event. So of course I was extremely nervous and unsure of how the night would turn out. But as I heard the thoughts and experiences of others in the room, I realized that these men and women were so much like me! Their experiences and goals inspired me to trust my own instincts I often thought were possibly silly or would never be taken seriously. I was immersed in such an open and accepting environment, an excellent introduction to the world of networking! Best of all, it was refreshing to see everyone open up about insecurities and points of improvement while taking the help and support of equally understanding professionals. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity so early in my career and these skills will follow me for life.

— Adeeti Katti, Senior, Columbia University