The Five W’s

deborah_goldsteinIf you are a NYC professional, you’re eligible to join theWomen’s Advancement Compact.

WHO we are: A social enterprise composed of a fleet of specialists, Strategic Partners, a Board of Advisors, corporate sponsors, corporate members – and their employees.
The WAC community will become a valuable source of information and support system to our members who have chosen a challenging career path. Together we will be a voice and the focus will be on the betterment of each one of us to become more fulfilled individuals throughout our journey.

WHAT we do: Provide the tools to effectively integrate work, modern life, and personal development. Our mission is to support and enable NYC professionals to have more and work toward their vision of “having it all” whatever that might look like.

  • Create opportunities to network across industry lines.
  • Motivate members to mindfully set daily and long-term goals resulting in an integrated life on the job and at home.
  • Educate corporate professionals to maximize these goals.

WHERE you find us: We are focused on NYC professionals. This segment of the population faces unique circumstances and challenges.

WHEN does this occur: May 9th is our kickoff event! Join us and challenge current mindsets, enjoy a unique networking experience, and get a sense of our community principles.

Then: semi-monthly events provides occasions for unique networking experiences.

  • Community Events offer a thought provoking presentation to make participants mindful of concepts, proved tools to make changes, and an opportunity to address the topic and ‘test out the tools’ within smaller brainstorming groups.
  • Small scale workshops support professional development, family dynamics, and personal development.
  • Social Events focus on personal development- the body, mind, spirit and soul will all be addressed.

WHY we are doing this: There is much debate currently about women’s ability to ‘have it all’. Our philosophy is that NO ONE can have it all- men and women all make choices. The Women’s Advancement Compact will support those professionals who have chosen a corporate career path to integrate a successful career with modern family development and the often neglected personal development.

We as a community can grow during this current, exciting time in history by educating ourselves, and supporting each other.