Strategic Partner: David Bacco Chocolatier – Experience Chocolate with all of Your Senses.

David Bacco had spent his career in the restaurant industry before starting his own business.  He found his interest in food and flavor pairing early on and soon began to focus on cakes and pastries.  He attended the French Pastry School in Chicago where he learned many techniques from a world-renowned Belgian chocolatier.

David then launched his signature chocolate line working in a restaurant and further started supplying restaurants with his chocolates on a wholesale basis.  We lucked out when we met him while he was working at the restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. To watch him work in a glass enclosed temperature controlled room provided hours of entertainment.

David opened his own high-end chocolate shop before relocating to Southern California to launch his current venture David Bacco Chocolatier.

sponsor_david_baccoDavid’s focus on flavor pairings that go into the chocolate is what makes his confections truly one-of-a-kind.  He prides himself on his chocolates engaging the senses, not only through a myriad of aromas and flavors but through visually stunning colors and décor.  In addition, his specialty is single origin chocolate bars; with cacao beans that come from single plantations.  This makes each bar unique because of the vegetation and soil indigenous to each plantation and location.  These chocolates come from the far reaches of Madagascar, Hawaii, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic to name a few.

David’s passion about his work is contagious.  He wants to teach people about fine chocolate and all the incredible and different flavors that combined can create such special treats.  When David is not busy with his chocolate making, he can be found doing yoga or tai chi. He is a thoughtful and meditative person who also finds tremendous pleasure in his creatively intensive work.

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