May 14

The First Baby Step.

gabby at the water

A baby step for tho little girl is HUGE, and it’s very difficult. As we take more baby steps, they become easier.

At the high-energy launch of the Women’s Advancement Compact, I challenged each guest to commit to taking one baby step towards living a richer life –that night.

This was meant to be a personal exercise, an opportunity for individual growth and self-nurturing. Identifying a habit, a feeling, or an inclination to eliminate or exaggerate is a challenge we read about every single day.

Committing to taking this baby step is another story. Making a commitment to yourself is an active step, not a passive thought. The implication is that one becomes mindful of a tendency, creates a NEW circuit in the brain to respond to that affinity, and after a new habit is formed, enjoys NOT having to be undermined by negativity or self-sabotage.

Baby steps, or base hits are NOT popular ideas in the disposable society we live in. We are taught to expect instant gratification! The truth is there is no magical solution – there is not a certain day when we will ‘arrive’ at our perfect life. We will always be working towards a richer life. Where there is no such thing as perfect, we can each make our own lives richer and more fulfilled but challenging ourselves with these baby steps.

I came back to work after my unplugged weekend to a couple of dozen emails reporting what personal baby steps people took after Thursday’s event. What a great way to begin a workweek! I savored every single report.

The next challenge; take another baby step. What is the next small promise you can make to yourself to live a richer life? What was your baby step?



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