Sweet Jane Paperie; Hand-Crafted Style from a Stylish Woman

Janine on her big day!
Janine Serio is currently an Associate Creative Director at a pharmaceutical advertising agency with a growing side business creating beautiful custom-made invitations and note cards.  She attended art school and comes from a family full of creativity. 

Growing up in a family with 12 children, Janine learned to express herself through creativity and was able to speak her own personal “language” through her creations.  Although she loves working in advertising she found herself custom designing wedding invitations for family and friends and incredible demand for her product lead her to start her business Sweet Jane Paperie.

Beautiful Custom Made Cards Janine’s one-of-a-kind invitations and notecards are created combining different fabrics, textures and papers.  She wants each creation to “be as unique as the event itself”.  As an artist she loves seeing the look on people’s faces when they see the end product; “something that is so personal that it just touches people in a way that is different”.  In the age of e-mail and texting the art of “old school” note writing has now been elevated with these textural and tactile accents.

In addition to personal usage, companies use Janine’s cards for business purposes.  She considers her cards a “memorable way to communicate”.  Custom thank you cards are sent to special clients who receive them and consider them a gift.  Janine’s uses her stationery to express a company’s personality with customized company colors and personalized messages.  As a result, Sweet Jane Paperie has gained tremendous respect and increased business.

Make a statement with personalized business cards, too!
When Janine is not hard at work at the ad agency or custom designing her line of stationery and gift items she is doing something else creative.  She makes mosaic trays and enjoys making an extravagant meal. She is passionate about everything she does and loves tangible gratification.