Old Souls has a Youthful Spirit

Old Souls

63 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY

EntranceOSOne of the newest shops to open its doors in Cold Spring is Old Souls, and a place this special was long overdue. Founded in 2012 by fly-fishing enthusiast James Caroll, and operated by his wife Tara, Old Souls appears at first to be a source for high-craft fly-fishing gear and accessories. But just one minute of looking beyond the counter case reveals that it’s so much more….1761 Collection cutting boards hand-made in Vermont, Moore & Giles wallets and clutches, various outdoor gear, local heritage home goods….the picture soon becomes clear: This is an outlet which promotes the sustainable lifestyle of a century ago, when American living was simple, and the word disposable didn’t apply. Stop in to say hi to Tara during the Women’s Advancement Compact Community Day in Cold Spring on August 16th, and be sure to flaunt your Women’s Advancement Compact eco-bag— it will get you a generous 10% discount on all items….for instance, a container of Red Bee artisanal local honey, produced by author, honey sommelier and Connecticut bee keeper Marina Marchese and her bees.

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