Energy: A More Powerful Resource Than Money

Energy and MindfulnessPeople often think they could achieve their goals if only they had more time, money or luck. While all of those variables may influence the outcome of any objective, none of those things will ensure success. Think of all the examples of people who succeeded without them.  

The secret to success, as you now know after attending my Women’s Advancement Compact’s September 18th event, is ENERGY!  It is the fuel needed to realize your dreams, and to live a life that integrates your needs, wants and gifts. Well, now is your chance to truly dive in a little deeper and make this all a reality.

In the upcoming workshops Energy Action Plan (Nov 20th) and Energy In Motion—Take Two (Dec 9th), participants will learn how to shift their energy level to get “unstuck.”  We will explore the benefits and challenges of the 7 Levels of Energy, the internal and external blocks interfering with your success, and effective strategies to defeat those blocks! Prior to the first event, participants will complete the Energy LeadershipTM Index Assessment, a powerful, life-changing, 20-minute on-line assessment tool, designed to measure your unique level of personal/professional engagement.

The 2nd workshop will involve some role playing and various scenarios, whereby we will practice shifting energy levels from the catabolic state to the much healthier anabolic level, reducing your stress, increasing your productivity, and leading to a greater work/life balance.  

You CAN shift your energy level. You just have to believe it is possible. Let me show you how.