The Pleasures of Collaboration

Rockin' partners to have!

Rockin’ Partners to have!

Ready to hear some exciting news? The Women’s Advancement Compact is teaming up with Savvy Ladies to bring you an evening of entrepreneurial enlightenment! On Monday, October 21st, Ebong Eka will present ‘The 4 Biggest Mistakes that Lead to the Failure of Your Business’.

This is personally inspiring for two reasons. First, the subject matter: When I initially read the description of the seminar, I laughed out loud! Turns out I believed each of these myths as I began my own businesses. The second reason: I’m energized! The greatest surprise I’ve had since launching the Women’s Advancement Compact has been the opportunity to collaborate with fabulous organizations. Savvy Ladies is one such, being a not-for-profit run by wonderful women who do what it takes to walk the talk. Their goal is to help women take control of their financial future by finding their own paths towards financial freedom.

Mutual support is easy when our goals are the same. This is why Women’s Advancement Compact and Savvy Ladies will be working together closely for the foreseeable future, and in the process, helping our constituents live ‘richer’ lives.

 Join us for the seminar on Monday October 21st.  Admission is free, but we ask that you please let us know you’re coming. Register here:

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