I’m Only Human, and Sometimes It Sickens Me

It can be argued that I am one of those people who inadvertently preach “do as I say, not as I do”. Evidence of this can be pinpointed in my advice to my colleagues, blog followers, friends and family that we all should make a strident effort to accommodate others, but should remember to “take care of ourselves first”— a spinoff of sorts from that familiar suggestion by flight attendants to apply your own oxygen mask before assisting your child. Being childless, and never having been present during an in-flight emergency, I am by default not guilty of ignoring such a logical proposal. However, given the opportunity, I’ll be the one to stray— a gentle rebel on a mission to prove I can persevere, despite the elements. Well, take it from me: An invincibility complex can catch up with you, big-time.

Perhaps a true case study is in order….

With my business network expanding rapidly, I booked a busy October to keep the momentum going. Suddenly, during the 4th week of the month, I was blindsided. A generous dose of food poisoning caused a shock to my system, and stopped me dead in my tracks. Naturally, I started out in denial, and muscled through a day-and-a-half of meetings and follow-up, trapped inside the mindset that it’s unprofessional to cancel appointments, particularly on the day of. The result: I performed poorly at those meetings, jeopardizing my new relationships with the people involved. Furthermore, I became dangerously exhausted, wreaking even more havoc on my body and faculties than the evil bug had initially intended. I was nearly brought to the brink of self-destruction before I did “the unthinkable”: I took my own advice! As I swallowed my pride, not to mention a gallon of chicken broth, I went ahead and cancelled the rest of my work week in favor of periodical naps and ‘round-the-clock pampering from Michael. And guess what….the world is still here, and Women’s Advancement Compact is still in business.

Not a Happy Woman

Food-borne Illness Can Take the Wind Out of Your Sail

We hear discussions all the time about the importance of “the sick day”, and how it would be to your and everyone else’s benefit to shed the heroic attitude, curl up in bed, and just get better. My recent experience with food poisoning has given me a whole new appreciation for the argument, and honestly, I might even consider surrendering to future illnesses. That, if you ask anyone who knows me well, is a substantial change in perspective, on a level with switching political parties!    

As a postscript, whether or not you’ve suffered from food-borne illness, odds are you’d like to avoid those 9 agonizing days and the dangers they hold in store. Eating out, even at finer restaurants, is a gamble that we all tend to factor in to a formula called living life; But in cooking at home, the variables are within your control. To learn more about home food safety, read my Goldie’s Table Matters article from August 2011