School’s Out!: Giving Teachers Gifts They’ll Actually Enjoy

I can remember back to my school days, and being so excited to show appreciation to my favorite teachers at the end of the school year with small gifts. The problem was I had been a little short on creativity. I ended up gifting mostly stale candies and dusty old stationery from my parents’ stash that Mom had graciously helped me repackage. The good-hearted teachers amongst them made such a thankful fuss upon receiving their loot, since after all, “it’s the thought that counts”. But I’ve since reimagined how truly pleased they would have been receiving the affordable artisan products available today at the click of a mouse.

Moms and Dads, pay close attention: Two of WAC’s strategic partners have the products you’re looking for. These handmade specialty items will show that you and your kid truly put some thought into your gifts, leaving those teachers with the same fond impression they left on your child.

Sweet, Sweet Jane1621713_10152235218269875_2060446085_n

If custom stationery feels appropriate, Sweet Jane Paperie takes the concept to the next level. This small producer creates beautiful fabric-backed stationery and invitations, in both masculine and feminine motifs. Each card is sewn with a coordinating stitch around the edge, giving this stationery a unique appearance. It’s product like this that reinstates merit to the term “hand-crafted”. Visit the Sweet Jane Paperie website, custom-design your gift, and leave your child’s teachers with something they’ll always be able to match a name and a face to.

selection4PC_089-EDIT-590x480David’s Delights

And of course, there’s the artisan chocolate approach. I’ve written several times before about the pristine quality of David Bacco’s award-winning handmade chocolates, and to be honest, I’m nibbling on some right now. You can choose from a variety of striking confections, or from an arsenal of divine single-origin chocolate bars. There’s something realistic for every budget. Visit the David Bacco Chocolatier website this week, and have your bounty shipped before school’s out for summer!

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