Everyone’s Favorite Word: Flapjacks!

Black Bean & Sweet Potato FlapjacksSometimes we call them pancakes, but that word just seems way too conventional for the type we have in mind. Ours aren’t the kind you‘d slather in maple syrup at breakfast; these are the sort you’d serve alongside a steak or a salmon. Our newly-famous Black Bean & Sweet Potato Flapjacks were such a hit at our Spring & Summer Sipping wine event, and recently with a few house guests, that we’re backlogged with requests for encores. So, why resist?

While it is fun to recreate this sweet/savory side dish, there are actually dozens of ways to modify these avant-garde griddle cakes, either to fulfill the adventurous palate or to comply with dietary restrictions. The original recipe is quite forgiving, leaving you free to change or add to the batter ingredients to suit any culinary situation. Simply add about 2 cups of the guest ingredient to the finished batter. Almost anything goes, the caveat being watery ingredients such as tomatoes (to get around that, let the tomatoes sit, chopped, in a strainer for a bit. And be sure to save the juice for dunking or sipping….it’s divine!). And for a perfect wine pairing with most versions, uncork the bubbly rose!


A delectable use for tomato water, as created by Michael Chiarello at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. The “Tomatini” is a simple, refreshing, virgin drink.

Here are some flapjack alternatives that we’ve tried successfully and liked:

-Sweet Corn and Black Bean

-Avocado, Diced Serrano Ham & Sweet Corn


-Bacon, Cheddar & Scallion


Versions on our to-do list:

-Peach and Pecan

-Golden Raisin and Roasted Fennel

-Eggplant and Onion

-Mushroom and Chive

What are some combinations that come to mind for you?

Get creative and please let us know the results. We will then recreate your recipes and post our favorites, credited to you!

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