Take That!: A Look Inside Our Self-Defense Class For Women

IMG_3377Hiiiii-Yah! It’s both my Miss Piggy impression, and how I started referring to last Wednesday’s Self-Defense Class For Women in the days before the event. I was getting excited for trainers Chris and Evan at JKD NYC Studio to instruct our dozen-or-so attendees on how to protect themselves from an attacker, this time using the weapons we didn’t even know we had.

As women traveling alone in the city or suburb, we are vulnerable to physical attacks in various situations….it’s just a fact of life. But did you realize that it’s not necessary to carry a lethal or toxic weapon in order to subvert your attacker in the act? As our self-defense instructors demonstrated, several everyday objects we find in our purses can double as suitable weapons to injure an attacker enough for you to get away.  Don’t carry a sizeable purse? Turns out there are some improvised, spur-of-the-moment defense moves that could effectively disarm or disable even the most intimidating attacker. Read on to discover more, and consider signing up for our future self-defense sessions.

Disclaimer: The following graphic instructions are not meant to provoke violence. They are merely descriptive re-creations of the defense techniques demonstrated to, and rehearsed by our willing participants under the supervision of self-defense experts at JKD NYC Studio.

Defending With Tools:IMG_3490

Your Keys are versatile and effective for wreaking havoc on an assailant. Our instructors demonstrated the best way to hold your keys like a weapon, particularly if you have a decent number of keys on your chain. Begin by fisting your keychain and arranging the keys to poke through the sides of your hands in different directions. Then, use a forceful, swinging crisscross motion to assault the attacker. Use your modified fist to punch as well. If you have a long key chain, try swinging it at the attacker like a medieval weapon.

IMG_3505A Pen is a powerful weapon too! Hold your pen like a knife, Psycho shower scene-style. With that same crisscross motion, aim to stab a soft tissue area on the assailant, like their neck. This can disable the person enough for you to flee.

A Flashlight is a multi-functional defense tool, and was my favorite example from the session. Consider carrying a substantial version, like a heavy Maglite type. Begin by blinding the attacker’s eyes with light. Then utilize the shaft as a bat-like weapon. Use that crisscross motion to be sure you make contact. An Umbrella is a good substitute in this case, be it without the light.

Defending Without Tools:IMG_3341

Fighting your way out of an attack in progress doesn’t take being particularly strong; It’s more about technique. Our instructors taught us some priceless moves to turn a woman of any size into a self-defense machine using only what nature gave us.

IMG_3383Your Elbows and Knees are mightier than you might realize. Elbow punches can pack enough wallop to send a predator into a stupor. Bend your elbows, raise them to shoulder height, and swing them mercilessly forward or behind, depending upon where the attacker is positioned. The knee is effective for delivering similar blows to their stomach or groin area.

The Finger Flick is another deceivingly powerful move with the potential to thwart even the most imposing of assailants. Flick your fingers lightly and continuously toward the eyes of the intruder in quite the same way as you flick wetness off your hands. Decent aim will reward you, as the brute will be rendered visually impaired and defenseless.IMG_3408

The Open-Handed Slap is a tried and true classic, and should not be dismissed as predictable. Slap the character’s face again and again, weakening their affront, and sending the message that you can be even more ruthless than they.

Stay aware, and stay safe!