Soft Skill Strategies: The Importance of Being Fully Present in Business

IMG_8170Think about it: Being self-conscious and being engaged in a business discussion can’t happen simultaneously. On paper, the solution is simple….eliminate the second-guessing that causes you to be self-conscious. But in practice, this takes experience and knowhow, and for most of us, that means messing up a few times to discover the soft skills we’re missing. Teaching those soft skills is what we at WAC specialize in.

Whether you’re in a workplace conference, at a restaurant business meal, making a presentation, or enduring a private review, being “fully present” is vital to your effectiveness in the discussion and to the impression you make on others in the room. This means you’ll need to become a pro at active listening, absorbing, and processing if you want to advance in your career. It also means you’ll need to have a firm grasp on the etiquette of fine dining, and the ability to keep your cool when unpredictable circumstances arise.

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

Being distracted by the high stakes of the business scenario at hand can be the misstep that will break your confidence and send you into a tailspin, thereby distorting your reputation in the eyes of your clients, your associates, or your boss. Reducing the factors that can cause such a derailment will prove even more beneficial than making a flawless performance. Consider these desperate situations, and imagine their soft skill solutions:

“Yikes, I’m finished with my food and everyone else at the business meal is still eating.”IMG_8183

“Uh oh, I’m in front of these people presenting and I’m breathing hard, can feel myself blush, and have forgotten what to say next.”

“Rats, I’m gonna totally blow this review because I’m getting defensive and can’t recover.”

Switch On Your Auto Pilot

So often, we don’t even realize that we’re the purveyors of poor speech, bad listening skills, and various other social faux pas until we’re smack in the middle of a high-pressure situation. Even then, we might not be aware we’re slipping up unless someone else holds up the mirror. The solution is to position yourself to be on auto-pilot whenever you’re in the spotlight. You’ll stay perpetually in the present, keeping you engaged when it counts. Further still, you’ll exude the kind of professional excellence that will keep you at the top of everyone’s list.

I’ll Be Your Mirror

IMG_8220If you’re ready to take the next step toward becoming a polished, reliable, motivated business professional, have a look at our 2015 schedule of WAC events. Each event is custom-designed to enhance different aspects of your career, while providing a setting in which to meet and network with other dynamic NYC professionals. Sign up for the one that’s right for you, enjoy the experience, and consider becoming a part of our vibrant business community. The results will be undeniably positive!