Stay True to Your New Year’s Resolutions: Check Out MARY’s Secret Ingredients


Tearing into my latest surprise from Mary’s Secret Ingredients!

What was your New Year’s resolution this year? Was it to stretch the boundaries of your cooking? To branch out and discover new recipes? Maybe you resolved to cook healthier with better, more high-quality ingredients.

Well, making a resolution is easy. Following through with it? Not so much.

I know that pursuing a healthy diet, while also attempting to be adventurous with your cooking, can prove difficult and disheartening. Chances are, you’re reaching a point where nothing seems to inspire you, and your New Year’s energy is starting to fall a little flat.

Well, there is an easy and convenient way to keep your cooking inspired: MARY’s Secret Ingredients. This limited edition subscription box is full of amazing culinary surprises, delivered straight to your door, and will be the perfect way to keep that resolution going the whole year through!

MARY’s secret ingredients is by far my favorite subscription box service. Created by Mary Pisarkiewicz, author of the internationally recognized food blog LOVE – The Secret Ingredient, this seasonal subscription box service is one of a kind, featuring a curated selection of Mary’s favorite food and kitchen products, always full-sized, never samples.

With each seasonal box, MARY’s secret ingredients seeks to help new and unique food companies sample their products to foodies directly, as well as inspire and encourage home cooks of every experience level to cook simple and healthy meals.

For many home cooks it might be intimidating to use new or exotic foods in their everyday cooking, but Mary helps to bridge this gap by creating recipes using the ingredients of each box and featuring them on her blog.

It’s easy to fall behind on cooking new or healthy recipes when you don’t have a resource to refer to. MARY’s secret IMG_3050ingredients is the perfect gateway to mastering a repertoire of easy, everyday recipes. Incorporate a few of Mary’s recipes into your cooking over a month and you will have some simple, delicious meals on-hand that are sure to be instant classics. In turn, you may be inspired to use some of these ingredients to enhance your own favorite recipes, or even create something entirely new!

Another thing I love about MARY’s secret ingredients is that they also continue to give back through their partnership with Feed The Children.  Each year Mary and her team donate a portion of annual proceeds to this global charity and their fight to eradicate hunger.

So treat yourself! Let that New Year’s resolution be your chance to splurge on something really fun and original. You’ll add a whole new array of flavors and tools to your home cooking, and turn your family meals into a chance to pamper yourself and those you love.

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