Are You A “Morning Person”, or Just An Early Riser?

There’s one thing that each of us knows for sure: whether or not we are a morning person. It’s also probably safe to say that it’s tricky to become a morning person if we’re not one already. If this describes you, don’t feel left behind; there is evidence that many true morning people may not be using their mornings to their advantage. A reexamination of the morning person’s traits and priorities seems to be in order, as does the potential for one to become a morning person. Thanks to the website, we have some direction in this matter.

You see, I AM a morning person. Or, at least I’ve always considered myself to be. Unless there are dire circumstances, I find no challenge in hopping out of bed before the sky becomes illuminated. However, it’s what I have chosen to do with those first waking moments, and the hour that follows, that serves to rank me as a mere early riser rather than an authentic morning person.

Morning, Misused

Until recently, I may not have been getting the best mileage out of my mornings. My routine had found me getting dressed, and no sooner diving head-first into my daily grind by heading straight to the computer. From there, I’d spend the rest of my day on the run, never even stopping to acknowledge any aspect of living that wasn’t directly related to career. It’s no wonder I often found myself anxious and periodically exhausted. My lifestyle was catching up with me, and I let it happen, all in the name of maintaining my status as a “morning person”. This is where Little Green Dot comes in.

A Chance Discovery

In my search to find a balance, I ran across countless articles, blogs and entire websites that explore the subject from various angles, each offering their own valuable bits of advice. Within that mix, Militza Maury’s video and related lesson on drew me in, and it never let go. Militza shares a personal story about how her misdirected ambitions led her to becoming mentally and physically drained, and constantly at the doctor’s office with inexplicable skin abscesses. Before it was too late, she diagnosed her own “disorder”, and embarked on a new, more productive path.

Militza lays out in her lesson the tips, tools and strategies necessary to reinvent oneself, stay on course, and create a life that will tempt us to rise from our sleep each morning with a clear head and focused determination. She encourages the early riser to “set yourself up for success” by establishing realistic goals for yourself, rather than overly-ambitious, unattainable goals.

It’s A New Morning

The portion of Militza’s lesson that seemed to be customized for me encourages us to avoid the computer first thing in the morning. Instead, we should choose from a personal list of actions that, if completed, would make us the most happy. The action should be small, attainable, and unrelated to business. For some it might be crafting a perfect cup of coffee, while for others it may be spending quality time with their spouse. For me, it has taken various forms, most notably a morning meditation session. The exercise has proven fundamental to clearing my head, and has already eradicated much of my stress and exhaustion.

Become a true morning person. Check out Militza’s lesson, open your mind to its ideas, and watch as it potentially works magic for you. Then, offer me your feedback.