Hot Tomatoes! Don’t Miss The 3T Hot List

If you’ve ever randomly peeked at WAC’s website, chances are you came across at least a mention of our favorite woman-centric e-newsletter The Three Tomatoes. Founded by former NYC advertising specialist Cheryl Benton, The Three Tomatoes (3T) is one of our most exciting and active strategic partners! Their free newsletter (and related website) stands out in a cyber sea of bloggers, reviewers and marketers who seem to have forgotten about the audience of not-so-young-‘n-hip NYC women. Fabulous women. Women with standards, and the money to spend on them. Women who’ve come to play, but need directions to a suitable playground.

I Have Enough Good. I Need Some GREAT!

This month, 3T has taken their insider’s guide concept to a new level. The 3T Hot List has been revealed, and trust me, you’re gonna want in on this. Not just another list of trendy, inaccessible gastro pubs and club-ish scenes geared to witty, beautiful twenty-somethings, this list is actually compiled “by grown-up women, for grown-up women”. In other words, it’s the first and only list of its kind curated by women over 40 for their NYC peers. Collectively, these contributors know New York inside and out, and have decided to share the scoop with us about their private purveyors and favorite tucked-away treasures.

All You’d Expect, and More

The characteristic of the Hot List that I love the most is that, much like the established 3T website and its relevant articles, it’s not just focused on restaurants, shopping, entertainment and the other obvious lifestyle categories. Want to find a top-notch private trainer who works in your neighborhood? The Hot List has a category for that. Need a quick and elegant up-do for a spur-of-the-moment evening engagement? Just check the list for recommended stylists near you. How about some creative activities for your kids? A list of pleasant outdoor meeting spaces for business? Reviews of the best facials and nail salons? Or a personal on-the-go fave: The Manhattan master list of luxury hotels with super-clean ladies’ rooms in their lobbies! The scope of their Hot List is profound, and will quickly become your go-to source.

Be Involved

Registration with 3T, which gets you full access to the Hot List and tons of other insider’s benefits, is totally FREE! Register for the Hot List here, and subscribe to the e-newsletter here. Then, get excited about dialing your NYC lifestyle up a huge notch. See you around town!

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