Two Years Out: A Brief Reflection Upon Life As An Entrepreneur

IMG_1102This past March, I began to put the wheels into motion for WAC’s Spring Community Event. I assumed it would be a fully joyful process, likened to practicing a hobby rather than painfully hard work. You see, reflecting back on the big moment two years ago, when planning for my company’s launch event, I remember it mostly for the pain: Huge self-doubt, waves of fear, and a panic attack or three. But this time, I assumed it would be different. Well, two years later, I’m here to report that it’s only gotten a little easier.

So today, two days before the ‘big event’, despite the assumption it would be an idyllic experience, I find myself frustrated with the challenges yet satisfied by the results. The roadblocks are still abundant, the uncertainty still daunting, the disappointments abound. However, the satisfactions are allowing me to pull through….the satisfaction of living the lessons I’ve learned from our WAC specialists, of incorporating ‘best practices’ into my daily routine, and of acknowledging all of the intrigue and positive response from throughout the business community.  I’m now managing my energy, focusing my time, delegating the necessary tasks, trusting my resources, and looking at challenges with a perspective I couldn’t have dreamed of 2 years ago. My spousal relationship is stronger now than it had ever been, I’m acting kindly to myself, and I’m fearlessly forging ahead!

After my May 9th, 2013 launch, I thought to myself, “I’ve jumped into an ice cold river, and I forgot to learn to swim”. Today, I know I have the tools and skills to swim, and as long as I continue to remind myself of how far I’ve come, the shore line will only be one stroke away. While I continue building our community, my strokes are destined to get stronger and require less pain.

Life will never be easy, but it will continue to become more manageable.