Discipline = Self Love: 3 Good Habits Away From A Happier You

CIMG5242Did you realize that one prominent dictionary defines the verb “discipline” as “to train (someone) to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience”? My contention is that with discipline, you avoid punishment, resulting in a more fulfilled life rather than a life laden with anxiety and regress. Hence, my sights are on employing “discipline” the noun, which has thus far resulted in a life characterized by optimism and boundless energy. Here’s what I mean.

Avoiding The Rut

Do you ever notice that when you’re vigilant about good habits like getting enough rest, exercising regularly and consuming a healthy diet, you feel stronger, happier and more alive? In this state, you possess the ability to more easily tackle whatever stands in your way. Unfortunately, this state feeds on itself until your momentum is impeded. When we get caught up in the inevitable cyclical rut, it becomes difficult to convince ourselves to practice loving self-care—precisely the ingredient we need to reclaim our momentum. Without enacting discipline in this moment, we are in danger of hitting an emotional wall.

The Discipline Of Good Habits

It’s important to incorporate a few good habits into a daily routine to cover strategic areas of self-care. Much like brushing your teeth, these habits need very little stimulus to set them into play; they are practically automatic. If you consciously build-in these disciplines, you will be taking care of yourself….loving yourself, even when that wasn’t your motivation. As a guideline, let me share three of my daily morning commitments with you. So simple, yet so effective:

  • I start my day with an Apple Cider “cocktail”, as a natural digestive aid and a technique to manage my seasonal and other allergies (1 Tbsp Bragg Apple Cider vinegar, 12 oz seltzer, 2 shakes of anise extract).
  • I meditate for 20 minutes, to refocus my mind.
  • Instead of just staring and waiting, I do a set of 15 pushups each time the milk for my coffee is warming in the microwave (2x daily), to maintain my body’s core strength.

The Joyful Results

Through implementing these three built-in good habits, I unconsciously generate some self-care momentum before 9am even rolls around, gimmick-free. Even on days when I’m unmotivated, the discipline of practicing these three easy steps adds to my sense of self-love and well-being, opening up my mind to the positive things rather than letting it get caught up in the downbeat and unjust side of life.

How can you redefine discipline for yourself? What three tiny, customized rituals can you practice everyday to respect yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally? Think about it, try them out, and observe the results. It may change your life like it changed mine!