Energy Management: What’s In YOUR Toolbox?

Elly and Ginny and HintWho wouldn’t want to learn to live their life more seamlessly? It’s clear that gracefully bridging the gap between personal life and career can allow us to be present for clients and staff while making the most out of our down time and recreation. But putting such elegance into practice often seems like an impossibility. Don’t be so pessimistic! As the participants attending DRIVEN’s Energy Management Workshop this August can now attest to, results are easily within our reach.

When asked what they wanted to take away from the event at the start, the aforementioned participants aimed high, desiring a formula for that elegance in work/life integration. And once again, DRIVEN specialist Ginny Brown hit it out of the park in delivering a concrete approach to energy management. This group of DRIVEN professionals began the session by isolating their single biggest energy blocks. By the time they walked out, they were equipped with the tools to barrel through these blocks and feel more powerful.

A Wake-Up Call

The live wire that jump-started our workshop was a 16-question personal assessment to identify any energy crises being experienced. This was at the very least eye-opening to many participants, and an urgent call to action for a few startled souls. In the process, we were able to isolate many common physical, mental, and emotional energy drains, entering us into a discussion about creating energy rather than expending or even exhausting it. Suddenly, what has seemed to our participants as mammoth challenges became less daunting through this look at energy from all sides. The majority conclusion was that with introspection, intention, and a commitment to deliberate practice, anything that seems disconcerting at first realization can become manageable.

A Self-Propelled SystemIMG_5922 copy

Not surprisingly, we attracted open-minded, empathetic people to the workshop. In a true sense of community, there was laughter, absolute compassion, and an exchange of suggestions and personal best practices that left each of us with powerful tools in our energy toolboxes. The group instinctively operated as a support system, equipping each other with capabilities for self-support upon departure.

If you feel you’ve missed out by not being present at this workshop, don’t fret: There’s good news! DRIVEN will be offering a series of energy management workshops throughout 2016. As an analytical first step to finding out how this series can work for you, take the 16-Question Energy Crisis Test today, and share your results. And remember that DRIVEN is here to help.