Words To Live By: DRIVEN’s Best Blog Articles of 2015, Part 1


Each and every week, DRIVEN’s blog page is updated with a brand-new, relevant article, usually relating to the business perspectives encompassed within our mission to “support the health, well-being and success potential of motivated professionals”. Typically composed by Deborah Goldstein, these posts represent a significant portion of our website’s non-virtual “meat”, and serve to educate, inform, equip, engage, and sometimes even entertain the readers in our goal-oriented business community.

This portal into our topicality is your gateway to what our programming provides, and is yours to utilize without becoming a DRIVEN member. My hope is that you will read our blog, see the value in our message, and ultimately become a member. With that outcome in mind, I have rounded up what I consider to be our Top Ten most significant and compelling blog posts of 2015. Presented today are introductions and links to the first five, which will be followed in a week by the other five. Jump in and catch up with what you may have missed this year. I promise, at the very least, that you will be glad you investigated. Happy Holidays! -Michael

The Currency Of Compassion: Leveraging Your Network With Perspective

Many of DRIVEN’s events and articles address the fine art of business network management. This specific post from April 2015 is a particularly thorough example, offering well-thought out advice on network leveraging and the faux pas to avoid. Deborah presents her thoughts and experiences from the modest perspective of someone who possesses the tools to master the art but still finds herself learning valuable lessons every day. This is an excellent read for anyone with even the slightest reservations about their own networking skills. Link to the post HERE.

Working Women’s Woes: Gain Career Perspective to Tame Your Busy WeekWoes

“What might seem insurmountable at the beginning of a given week, with focus, can be tamed by week’s end. When we remind ourselves of this, we gain our momentum in strides, lending ourselves balance and better confidence in the process”. This is how Deborah concluded a brilliant spring 2015 article, purposed to lend insight into how women need to see their careers from a wider perspective in order for their accomplishments to get noticed. Take a read through this indispensible posting, and you’ll find yourself both moved and motivated.  Link to the post HERE.

The Irony Of It All: When Enthusiasm Is A Sign Of Desperation

I found this March 2015 post to be one of the most fascinating of the year. Deborah had noticed an unexpected phenomenon at play when courting certain clients, and decided to do a little research of her own. What she reported is that over-emphasizing the significance of your own company or brand can actually work against you, costing you business with potential clients. She uses brilliant analogies and clues you in to a business-sabotaging trend that almost nobody else is talking about. Link to the post HERE.

Two Keys to Career Success: They’re Not What You Might Expect

In the lead-up to 2015’s first DRIVEN (then named WAC) community event of the year, The Advancement Strategy Symposium hosted by Blackstone Group, Deborah posted an article that smartly organized the components of emotional intelligence, and proceeded to demonstrate how each of these communicative virtues strengthens your 2 keys to career success: Professional Development and Business Development. Reading this post will give you the footing necessary to take your career to the next level, and will offer you further insight into the types of world-class business events we develop and execute. Link to the post HERE.

PitchGoing Down?: Why The Elevator Pitch is an Occupational Dinosaur, and What Should Replace It

In one of the first DRIVEN blog posts of 2015, Deborah addressed the creative ways in which we can deliver our own concise business pitches by describing what we do instead of simply stating our company and title. The process is more nuanced than simply reiterating our elevator pitch to everyone we encounter. After you read her advice, I promise that you’ll instantly become inspired to reinvent the ways you present yourself to prospective employers, and even reconsider to whom you plan to appeal. Link to the post HERE.