Do You Dread Getting Out Of Bed? There’s Hope In 2016!

When you love what you do, you just jump out of bed each morning, right? Okay, here’s a confession: I do NOT jump out of bed each day, wide-eyed and clear-headed about what my morning will bring. As a matter of fact, for the first six months of last year, it took every ounce of energy I had to haul my lazy butt out of bed each day. Even now, at the beginning of 2016, there are still mornings when I don’t want to rise and face the day. I often wake to find that I’m filled with worry, fear, or even a feeling of overwhelming burden, causing me to regress to my 2014 self….which is a different topic altogether.

In light of this common predicament, there is hope. Real hope. Three major changes in mindset can make hopping out of bed a LOT easier, and even exciting! I’ve been adhering to these changes for some months now, and when I open my eyes these days and feel that dread creeping in, I cancel it out using good habits. This new mental routine makes the morning manageable, and tames any illogical negativity or reservations I may be holding about my day ahead. Let me share the wisdom with you, and invite you to take a chance on change using 3 realistic approaches. Something so simple can really make a permanent difference in your mood, outlook and willingness to face the day. For me, at the end of these tough days, my new outlook has me looking back in satisfaction at the efforts and progress I’ve made.

Gratitude Determines Attitude

First thing each morning, I recite my morning gratitudes before my feet even hit the floor beside my bed. I meditate on my deeply profound gratitude for my good health, my healthy relationship with my spouse, and for the opportunity to be able to help motivated professionals live more fulfilled lives. Take some time to consider what your own gratitudes are, and commit them to memory. Then, shed some light on them as the sun begins to peek into your bedroom window.

A Spoonful Of Self-Compassion

This one’s still a work in progress, but I’m making progress indeed. Speaking to myself with kindness, as I would a friend, is helpful in acknowledging my fears, my frustrations and my desire to be better. So many years spent beating myself up over my shortcomings and even the tiniest of failures had a toxic effect on my self esteem. Now, I’m beginning to feel a transformation unfolding, and my positivity makes me feel lighter on my feet each time they hit the floor.

Kick-Starting One’s Confidence

As I begin to think about approaching my day, I do so with a confidence-derived energy. I’ve now learned from experience that by setting tasks into action persistently, fear is mitigated in the process. Reminding myself of this before I get started transforms the task into one of excitement rather than dread in my mind. The result: You guessed it!