The 2016 Wrap-Up, Including DRIVEN’s Articles of The Year

In looking back at 2016, there’s no denying it was the Year of Energy at DRIVEN. Inspired by my own past dealings with energy crises and the related roadblocks, and more importantly my success in overcoming the subsequent spinouts and confidence-busting turmoil, I developed 2016’s Programming Schedule and Blog Articles with the intention of restoring personal energy to all members of our business community. After unpacking the responses from many of you, I suspect it had quite an impact.

Although it’s a rewarding process, achieving energetic reload is no simple task. To get you there, I had to first recognize all those roadblocks, “distilling to the root” what gets in the way of a healthy work/life integration. The first stop was personal energy, because without it, we can’t be fully involved with either career or family. In my exploration, I discovered that certain activities and manners of being can either detract from or enhance one’s positive energy level. A big discovery here was the state of overwhelm and Self-Imposed “Busyness” that so many of us endure, day after dizzying day.

Next I challenged you to acknowledge that we DO have enough time in our daily lives to get the personally important things done. But I quickly realized that it’s tricky to take such advice on blind faith. That’s when I dug into the value of keeping a Time Log. I showed you how to do it, and I revealed how it revolutionized my own career. This, again, was received with eagerness, and I’ve already received some proud success stories from client.

Finally, we tackled what is perhaps the most personally destructive workplace phenomenon: Anxiety. Being in a state of perpetual trepidation in the workplace, which is incredibly common, is downright exhausting, and in addition to compromising our emotional health, it inhibits our productivity. This was all I needed to know before embarking on a hunt for realistic solutions. My research revealed how workplace anxiety can be changed culturally, but should also be addressed individually. Plus, the realization that “WE are the captains of our own ships” proved to me that the annihilation of workplace anxiety can be approached through the axis of personal energy. This led directly to the development of our action-oriented workshop The Gateway To Intentional Productivity, which addresses the anxiety challenge, and arms each attendee with their own customized productivity plan. It has since become DRIVEN’s most requested workshop!

Even if you haven’t been the recipient of DRIVEN’s programming in 2016, there is, and will continue to be, an active and overflowing Blog Page on our website for you to utilize (Hint: You’re there right now!) This valuable business resource, which is generated entirely in-house, has been responsible for some of the most informative, career-enhancing articles our business community has to offer. Some of the best examples from this year’s arsenal give effective advice on defeating common career macro stressors through good habits and change of mindset. Consider, for example, our blog series on seizing control of your illogical Inner Critic….that side of your personality who thrives on holding your career in first gear. Then, follow this up with our related series profiling and exposing your Personal Impostor….that pesky “body double” whose career plans are far murkier than the ones you had in mind. Want to start the year off lightly by tackling an instantly- manageable micro stressor? Read about why Eating Lunch At Your Desk is killing you slowly.

Our pledge in 2017 is to continue to offer the practical guidance that you’ve come to rely upon us for. You can expect more case studies of current DRIVEN clients, demonstrating how you can be more productive, and inspiring your firm to attract, retain, and promote the “best of the best” with a healthy and sustainable corporate culture. Keep an eye out in early January for my Word of the Year, to be revealed and dissected right on this very blog page. Best Wishes to all for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!