DRIVEN’s Best Blog Articles of 2018, Part 1

Each week of the year, DRIVEN’s blog page is updated with a brand-new, relevant article relating to the business perspectives and advancement strategies encompassed within our mission to “support the health, well-being and success potential of motivated professionals”. Composed by Deborah Goldstein, these posts represent most of our website’s non-virtual “meat”, and serve to educate, inform, equip, engage, inspire and sometimes even entertain the readers in our goal-oriented business community.

This portal into our topicality is your gateway to what our programming provides, and is yours to utilize, whether you’re a DRIVEN client or considering becoming involved. Our hope is that you’ll read our blog, see the value in our message, and ultimately become a client. With that outcome in mind, we’ve rounded up eight of our most significant and compelling blog posts of 2018. Presented today are introductions and links to the first four, which will be followed in a week by the other four. Jump in and catch up with what you may have missed this year— you’ll be glad you investigated. Happy Holidays! -The DRIVEN Team

Tenacity and Your Goals: Directing Your Own Brain Chemistry Toward Success

 This post from February 13th, 2018 was perhaps the most informative and inspiring of Deborah’s articles exploring Grit, which is the “G” in GRACE in the Workplace™. Tenacity is presented here as a subcategory of Grit, which takes a shift in your neurochemistry to acquire. Distraction and boredom are the roadblocks to that shift, but as Deborah demonstrates, can be removed with a little creativity, setting you on a path to happiness and career success. Read the post HERE.

The Self-Awareness Challenge: A Look Inside Our Own Heads

In the spring of 2018, Deborah was on a tear revealing the tenets of Emotional Intelligence (The E in GRACE) in a series of blog articles demonstrating how being effectively Self-Aware hinges on a spectrum of prerequisites including executive presence, elimination of stress, discovery of personal blind spots, and openness to meditation. On March 20th, one special article brilliantly exposed the common drivers of disruption and negativity, and offers practical ways to reframe and reboot for success. Read the post HERE.

Let’s Get Flexible: How To Self-Regulate by Building Your Response Flexibility

Self-Regulation was a natural result of Deborah’s spring 2018 investigation of Self-Awareness in the business setting. Perhaps the centerpiece of the nine blog articles she composed on Self-Regulation was from May 9th, which laid out the practical yet revolutionary ways you can apply brain science to ease tension and prevent your own workplace flip-outs. It’s known as building your Response Flexibility, and if you’ve never read the article, you’re in for a treat, especially since you’ll be able to start applying the techniques before you’re finished reading! Read the post HERE.

What Planet Are You From? Dissecting Gender-Derived Bias At Work

Personal Bias is a theme that was central to DRIVEN’s blog in 2018. As such, Deborah gave us a concise and eye-opening article regarding the male/female disconnect in the workplace on August 2nd. She eloquently extended the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” analogy to the workplace by citing and briefly unpacking the ways in which personal bias can drive the gender divide among colleagues. The post reads as if it were a full-length investigative article with the rhetoric trimmed away. Read the post HERE.

Don’t forget to check back next week for part 2 of DRIVEN’s Best Blog Articles of 2018!