Deeper Insight: Your Growth Mindset & Self-Compassion Resource Links

January has clearly been our month to explore the drawbacks of perfectionism. I hope you’ve been following us on this journey and are already benefiting from the insight and advice we’ve been offering. For instance, in my recent article Re-Leasing Your Life: The 2 Greatest Strengths You’re Not Embracing, it was demonstrated how laughing at yourself and learning from your failures are two of the best techniques for practicing self-compassion and achieving a growth mindset. Have you tried them yet? And have you been able to release those pesky perfectionistic tendencies that have been holding you back?

As it turns out, there’s much more where this came from. DRIVEN has explored the dynamics of the Growth Mindset and Self-Compassion at various points in the past. And as you’ll soon discover, we’re not the only source offering such insight. Here are some of our favorite resources to help you take this investigation even further. Check them out, and then reach out to us. We’d love to hear what resonates!



Carol Dweck’s TED Talk: The originator of the Growth Mindset explains this complex concept simply and delightfully. Link to the video HERE.

Changing Your Tune: You can study the difference between the Growth Mindset and the Fixed Mindset using This Chart developed by Carol Dweck. How often do you find yourself thinking or saying something in the left column? Begin “changing your tune” by changing your thinking using thoughts, feelings and ACTIONS from the right column.

DRIVEN’s Original Articles: For more information about the Growth Mindset, don’t miss this September 2018 article on DRIVEN’s blog page, and this “vintage” article from a year ago.



Guy Winch’s TED Talk: We waste no time thinking about physical first aid, but we often forget how important Emotional First Aid is. Winch’s TED Talk is a must-watch to illustrate to perfectionists how they are bridling themselves from living their greatest potential. Link to the video HERE.

The Bruce Lee Podcast: Did you know that besides being an astoundingly graceful martial artist, Bruce Lee was also an important philosopher? His daughter hosts a weekly podcast that shares the philosophies of this wise man who left us all too soon. An episode exploring compassion was especially moving and relevant.

DRIVEN’s Website as a Fantastic Resource: We’ve written quite a bit about Self-Compassion. Give yourself the gift of 20 minutes and catch up on some of our highlights:

  1. An actual eventone messy mistake that took serious self-compassion to get through
  2. If you’re not kind to yourself— you can’t show true compassion for others
  3. A Self-Compassion PrimerMental Energy Maintenance through Staying Present
  4. Don’t Knock Self-Compassion— it’s the key to Emotional Wellbeing.

More, More!: If you’d like to explore more about Self-Compassion, check out the website developed by one of the world’s leading experts on the subject: Kristin Neff.

Jumpstarting Your Self-Compassion: Want to begin a Self-Compassion practice that will lead to some instant results? Start a gratitude journal! First thing in the morning, or last thing before bedtime, write down three things you’re grateful for. Don’t write the same things each day. Think about what specific sight, event, feeling or person made you grateful that day: the full moon last night, the silence of the early morning, or the personal scheduling efforts that got you off to an energized start today.

Deborah’s Inspirational Quotes: I’ve developed some quotes that give me clearer perspective on self-compassion each time I refer back to them. They’re featured as images in this very article! Use them creatively for your own daily inspiration. Maybe even paste a copy of each to the inside covers of your gratitude journal and see where it takes you.

In my follow-up article, I’ll move from Perfectionism to another state of mind that most of us battle: The Impostor Syndrome, which will be the theme of February’s “release”.