Deeper Insight: Your FOMO Resource Links

Throughout April 2019, DRIVEN has been focused on eliminating FOMO and introducing you to JOMO— the Joy Of Missing Out. We provided an educational webinar for the folks amongst you who were ready to take the leap to JOMO, and we presented various articles exploring this very new, digital-age challenge, laying out the history and neuroscientific foundations of FOMO with the intention of inspiring you to zoom out and gain the perspective necessary for change. I hope you’ve explored these offerings and have re-leased your life and career by eliminating the temptation to be involved with events and activities that don’t serve you. For instance, in my recent article Social Media, FOMO and You, I listed some compelling reasons to begin a Digital Detox, citing some startling statistics and linking you to several profound resources including a moving TEDx Talk by Collin Kartchner. Check out the article (which is a resource in-and-of itself, featuring 9 separate links) and prepare to be motivated!

As with each of DRIVEN’s topics, there are numerous resources for further reading and watching. These include related DRIVEN articles and external resources like books and video presentations. Here’s the April roundup of our favorite links related to FOMO, some of which will link you to additional resources therein. Explore them, and then reach out to us. We’d love to hear what resonates with you in these areas!



The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living by Dr. Amit Sood: Living a meaningful life and achieving your highest potential are out of reach if anxiety and bad stress have a stranglehold on your attention. Dr. Sood is a positive-energy doctor at the Mayo Clinic and has written a sober and secular guide designed to help you understand how an imbalance between the brain’s two modes can produce the kind of stress that leads to FOMO and other unwanted preoccupations. One read-through will teach you the skills to harness inner peace and sustained attention.

Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle: Every human with a smartphone MUST read this. It’s a modern classic by an MIT professor which demonstrates how relentless digital communication, which often gets mistaken as genuine connection, is leading to a sense of deep solitude for users like you and me. Read it, and you’ll never think of FOMO the same way again! You also might be inspired to reconnect with friends, family and lovers in a whole new manner.



Being “All-In”: Self-Fulfillment and The Challenge of FOMO: This is one of DRIVEN’s own from a few years ago, and it features our very first mention of FOMO. It also serves as a little inspiration for those who might be feeling they’re not where they want to be. It includes a link to DRIVEN’s Energy Crisis Assessment Quiz to help you align your goals with your actions.


A Video, A Podcast and An Additional Resource:

Collin Kartchner’s TEDx Talk: Perhaps every parent of a teenager should be required by law to watch this video! I’ve linked to this TEDx Talk more than once this April, and for good reason. Collin Kartchner spells out an alarming reality for us regarding FOMO and digital connectivity which is prompting youngsters to speak up, often darkly. And our teenagers are not the only culprits. Here’s a hint: Take a look at yourself!

Tara Brach on Transforming Two Fears: FOF and FOMO: My favorite modern thinker and meditation leader speaks here about FOMO and another sneaky fear that holds too many of us back in our lives and careers: FOF— the Fear Of Failure. She explores practical techniques for meeting these fears and turning our lives around, complete with a thoughtful and powerful meditation.

The Tim Ferris Show: The Tara Brach Interview: In this setting, we get a looser, more playful side of Tara Brach as she engages in an informal discussion with Tim about meditation, mental exercise, happiness, and the deeper insights that naturally lead to conquering fear.

Your DRIVEN Digital Detox Guide: This PDF is an Aspirational Challenge, and is a taste of what subscribers to our Busy Busters online learning course were treated to. Read through it, put in some introspection, and get yourself to the proper level of digital detox for the purpose of mitigating FOMO.