Deeper Insights: Resources For Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

This month, DRIVEN is asking you to let your Limiting Beliefs rise to the surface, so you can address them instead of just shutting them down and ploughing through.

Last week’s blog article and next week’s OfficeHours webinar both explore how your Limiting Beliefs are sabotaging your career, since they compel you to dismiss and idea or project before it’s even explored.

For instance, in the aforementioned article A Symptom of Something Deeper: Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs, I asked you to consider the belief under the belief (fear of failure, or of not being liked), and recognize it as merely a worst-case scenario— not to be taken nearly as seriously as the possible BEST-case scenario. The goal is to realize that the outcome will likely be somewhere in the middle, and that if you can stretch beyond your comfort zone to make it happen, it will.

As with each of DRIVEN’s topics, there are outstanding resources for further reading and listening. These include related DRIVEN articles and our favorite books on the topic. Here’s our December roundup of links related to releasing your Limiting Beliefs— some of which will link you to additional resources therein. Explore them, and then reach out to us. We’d love to hear what resonates with you in these areas!

On DRIVEN’s Blog:

To tap into your limiting beliefs, you must listen to your Inner Critic. She’s the one chanting about those beliefs, and you are the only one who can hear it— and control her. I named my inner critic Eve, and you can read about how I addressed and reprogrammed her here. Then, learn how DRIVEN’s own Director of Programming Converted her Inner Critic to her Inner Cheerleader.

The next step is to lean into and question what your critic is saying and take a baby step outside your comfort zone. This takes building confidence, and my article Stretch, Grow & Thrive will lay out the steps for you to get there, and defeat that impostor once-and-for-all— including the art of Journaling.

But don’t end the quest here. There are lots of other ways to build confidence! Are you ready to be coached to reach your goals and aspirations? Study this one-page PDF to get a feel for what’s involved, and when you’re ready to take the next step, schedule your complimentary coaching consult.


Reach by Andy Molinsky: Andy is a professor of organizational behavior at Brandeis University specializing in behavior change and cross-cultural interaction in business settings. His book brilliantly details how to reach outside your comfort zone to surpass your limiting beliefs.

The Confidence Code by Kay & Shipman: This well-researched NYT best seller explains the genetics, the societal impact and the self-imposed barriers to building confidence and reaching beyond your comfort zone. It’s full of real stories that serve as practical advice for crushing your limiting beliefs.

The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You by Lydia Fenet: Get ready for a surprisingly touching and frank story about this woman’s career journey, including great lessons about negotiating for what you’re worth, leaning into your craft to continue to be the best you can be, taking chances with BIG new ideas and being forgiving of self while you’re on your journey. Your limiting beliefs won’t even see it coming!