DRIVEN’s Best Blog Articles of 2019, Part 1

Each week of the year, DRIVEN’s blog page is updated with a brand-new, relevant article relating to the business perspectives and advancement strategies encompassed within our mission to “support the health, well-being and success potential of motivated professionals”. Composed by Deborah Goldstein, these posts represent most of our website’s non-virtual “meat”, and serve to educate, inform, equip, engage, inspire and sometimes even entertain the readers in our goal-oriented business community.

This portal into our topicality is your gateway to what our coaching provides, and is yours to utilize, whether you’re a DRIVEN client or considering becoming involved. Our hope is that you’ll read our blog, see the value in our expertise, and ultimately become a client. With that outcome in mind, we’ve rounded up eight of our most significant and compelling blog posts of 2019— the year when we looked at “Releasing” the different thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may be holding you back, so that you can “Re-lease” your life. Presented today are introductions and links to four of these articles, which will be followed in a week by another four. Jump in and catch up with what you may have missed this year— you’ll be glad you investigated. Happy Holidays! -The DRIVEN Team

Re-Leasing Your Life: The 2 Greatest Strengths You’re Not Embracing

Back in January 2019, Deborah Goldstein launched into “Releasing” with a look at Perfectionism, which is a behavior that many of us suffer from but are not always incentivized to address. A standout article in this series discusses two major strengths which we all possess that, if embraced carefully, can help us combat the pitfalls of perfectionism. They are the Growth Mindset and Self-Compassion. Deborah even opens up about her own perfectionistic vulnerabilities in the article, inspiring you to laugh at yourself instead of beating yourself up each time you give a less-than-perfect presentation. Read the article HERE.

Celebrate Every Win— And Put Your Impostor In Her Place!

Deborah has written on more than one occasion about conquering the Impostor Syndrome, even introducing the reader to her own impostor— Eve (short for Evil). In this February 2019 article, Deborah lays out the neurochemistry behind the impostor’s prevalence, and gives relatable examples of when the toxicity is likely to occur during your workday. She then recommends focusing on the positive by inserting mini celebrations into your day, which are designed to steer your thoughts away from the instinctual negativity biases that give fuel to the impostor. Read the article HERE.

The Respect You Deserve: Re-Leasing Your Emotional Energy

Maintaining your Emotional Wellbeing in the professional realm requires a different approach than the one most of us have been fed— namely the “suck it up” attitude and the “never let ‘em see you sweat” sentiment that we silently abide by. In this lengthy and revealing article, Deborah lets us in on a time in her early career when she built an emotional wall between herself and her employees, and then looks back with refined insight on how the Growth Mindset and a dose of EQ could have revolutionized the personal interactions in her former workplace. She then lays out for the reader the tenets of EQ, setting you on a path toward more empathy and less emotional rejection. Link to the article HERE.

Social Media, FOMO and You: Begin Your Digital Detox Today!

Throughout April 2019, Deborah blogged about FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) through the lens of transforming that Fear into Joy (JOMO). A standout article in the series addresses FOMO as a symptom of compulsive digital connectivity, especially when that connectivity relates to social media. Her recommended antidote? Digital Detox. And it’s more practical than you might think. The article lists some mind-blowing revelations about the evils of digital media compulsion (FOMO turns out to be the gateway threat), and it links to articles and a TED Talk that will inspire and guide you through your own detox. Read the article HERE.