DRIVEN’s Best Blog Articles of 2019, Part 2

Last week, we gave you a sampling of some of our most informative blog articles of the year (if you missed it, link to it HERE). Today, we’re back with four more significant DRIVEN posts from 2019, each offering advice, direction and food-for-thought designed to enhance your career regardless of what stage you’re in. These must-reads for any business professional include valuable outlooks on judgment and assumption, the need to please others, and being a control freak. Start anywhere and feed your mind with the quality offerings you’ve come to expect from our blog page. You might even be inspired to become a DRIVEN client in 2020!

Don’t forget to check back with our blog one last time before January, when on New Year’s Eve, Deborah will be announcing her 2020 Word of the Year! Happy Holidays to all! -The DRIVEN Team

Are YOU a Control Freak? And Why Does It Matter?

When you’re trying to be in-control all the time, it shows. The message your colleagues are receiving is “We’re not good enough”, which chips away at a collaborative environment, not to mention any alliances you may have established. In June of 2019, Deborah posted one of her most important articles of the year, laying out all the drawbacks of being a control freak in your workplace, and taking you through all the control freak symptoms so you can diagnose where you stand. Read the article HERE, and then read Deborah’s follow-up article providing solutions HERE.

Drop The Judgment: A Look At Why We Assume, and How We Can Change

It’s difficult for people to catch themselves making assumptions, thanks to a deep unconscious tendency to establish first impressions and personal biases. Then, once those assumptions are made, judgment is quick to follow. Deborah’s October 2019 article took a close look at why we judge by answering four important questions: “What is judgment?”, “Why is judging so bad?”, “How can you tell if you’re judgmental?”, and “How can you stop judging?”, which can become your personal guide to releasing assumption from your life. Read it HERE.

Up The Ladder of Conclusions: How Curiosity Can Bring You Back to Earth

In another October 2019 article, Deborah took the concept of judgment and assumption one step farther by examining how they drag you up the ladder of conclusions to potentially further divide you from others in your workspace and in your life. The article discussed how employing Curiosity and Courageous Conversations can reground you, putting you back into synchronicity with colleagues. Finally, the antidote to drawing conclusions got revealed. Hint: Your ability to improve relationships, trust, communication and workplace solutions will soar! Link to the article HERE.

A Shift In Attitude: Releasing The Need To Please Your Network

There’s a crucial way that the compulsive need to please others can hold you back: When it’s baked into what you do as a service provider and a “good networker”. If you struggle while trying to be of service to others, you’re not alone! In one of a series of November 2019 articles addressing the need to please, Deborah got transparent and shared how she’d managed these types of mistakes in her own career— from restaurant owner to consultant to coach! Following her advice can turn you into a much more effective networker and a superior provider of value to your clients. Check out the article HERE.

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