Adjusting To Our New World, Mindfully

DRIVEN’s Resources For Staying Productive and Healthy in Mind & Body

This month DRIVEN is feeling particularly connected, as we’re now part of an online community of international coaches, project managers, facilitators and consultants. We came together to create a 4-day virtual conference to help people convert to work-from-home protocols, manage off-the-charts stress and downright fear, and dare I say, to create a sense of community online. We truly walked the talk of Clarity during crisis, and I’ve emerged energized and optimistic about the future of business for professionals (albeit with my head still spinning).

I am additionally grateful for my continued good health, and that of my loved ones and colleagues, as the delights of springtime emerge. And I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share the following resources, designed to keep us all hopeful and trusting during the following months as we adapt to our new world. Please utilize them, and share them with friends, family and colleagues. And finally, follow our lead by staying connected.

On Remaining Productive

Create a Schedule: Remember when you were in High School, with 8 periods in the day? Be inspired by that template when determining how to best use your day right now. Don’t forget to schedule in something similar to “gym” and “music” classes so you can stay physically healthy and keep your mind creative. Read more about how to develop practices for leveraging your energy highs and lows in this three-part DRIVEN blog series, focusing on Laura Vanderkam’s wisdom.

Practice Mindfulness: It’s physically impossible to be productive when your mind is racing. Invest in this 2.5-minute recording that brings you through a simple three-breath meditation and explains WHY the meditation is so powerful.


On Staying Healthy and Safe

Practice RADICAL Self-Compassion:

  • Tune in and learn how some of my favorite colleagues show themselves Self-Compassion: Jayne Jenkins gives us 5 handy tips straight from her self-compassion toolbox, while Lisa Hart and Tracy Fink each share their journeys with Self-Compassion. One of the key aspects of Self-Compassion is a sense of connection to others. All three of these women help connect that concept with grace. 
  • Check out DRIVEN’s Self-Compassion Resources Page. Turns out, we focused on this topic WAY back in February, and this collection of favorite resources includes a link to the indispensable Guy Winch TED Talk. I urge you to come away from his talk with a plan to support yourself vs tear yourself down. And remember that I’m here if you’d like to work on this one-on-one!
  • Habits and Practices are never more important than when your stress has peaked and your family is close. We look to Minding The Gaps– in other words, using the nooks and crannies of time to intentionally “fill your energy tank” rather than deplete it. Check out this PDF from our Intentional Productivity offering. And stay tuned! You will soon be able to invest in this whole series and make best use of this down time!