Oct 25

A Quarter to Intentional Productivity


Do you answer the question “How are you?” with “Busy, Crazy busy!”?

Are you overwhelmed because you just don’t have “enough time”?

Do you always feel like you’re rushing from one task to the next?


If so, stop running! Help has arrived. DRIVEN has created a 13-week self-paced micro-learning program.

A Quarter to Intentional Productivity is a virtual, self-paced, sequential training program that teaches you how to embed cutting-edge, science-based practices into your life, multiplying your productivity, improving your health, and helping you achieve a lifetime of success.

  • YOU devote ONE HOUR a week to this science-based program designed to build upon itself.
  • Each week you’ll apply another ‘step’ to the sequence.
  • Plus, you’ll engage in 3 hours of one-on-one virtual coaching to maximize your productivity growth potential.
  • The results: greater engagement, energy and productivity at work!

But also know, that you’re not alone.

Motivated professionals are constantly reaching the end of each hectic day only to realize they got nothing of substance accomplished, with anxiety, frustration and exhaustion as their rewards.

Intentional Productivity will be the time management challenge of the 21st century. After all, it’s never been easier and never been more difficult to be productive. Digital technology, among other factors, in their attempt to simplify our jobs are also responsible for unforeseen distractions, interruptions and perceived obligations that redistribute our time and energy ineffectively. Companies are hemorrhaging resources due to lack of productivity.

During DRIVEN’s 13-week program, you will be presented with a series of thoughtful, action oriented exercises designed to improve the way you think about, address and execute your workplace activities and habits.

DRIVEN clients have benefited from this program by:

  1. Recognizing what depletes and replenishes their personal energy.
  2. Understanding self-imposed factors that inhibit attention and achievement.
  3. Applying scheduling strategies that best suited their biorhythms.
  4. Mitigating mental energy drains that are specific to the workplace.
  5. Expanding their efficiency, engagement and output due to the employment of intentional practices.

Want in? But don’t have time?

13 weeks of self paced learning is broken down into 4 ‘phases’ which represent gradual mindset and intentional practice shifts. The investment of one hour of work each week, 3 hours of virtual coaching over the course and a commitment towards employing these thoughts and actions will result in accomplishing more in less time with less anxiety and greater satisfaction!

If you think you don’t have time to apply, you REALLY need this training! Making this 16 hour commitment over 3 months will empower you to live a more energized, engaged, and productive life for decades to come. You deserve to live your best life possible. Mark your calendar for December 12th to apply for this program!

Applications to be part of this first program will be available on December 12th. Apply for your spot, and set off for your adventure into a fulfilling future.

Course Content

Modules Status

Module 1: Mindset – Set Yourself Up for Success


Module 2: Speaking of Mindset – The Science Behind Productivity


Module 3: The 21st Century Version of Time Management


Module 4: Where are the Leaks?


Module 5: Schedule your Priorities


Module 6: Build Healthy Boundaries


Module 7: Inhibit Interruptions


Module 8: Manage your Email (or it will manage you)


Module 9: Making Peace with Procrastination


Module 10: What Productivity and Air Flight have in Common


Module 11: You Deserve to Celebrate!


Module 12: Reflection, Strategizing & Creative Thinking


Module 13: Mindfulness & Focus