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Aug 16

OfficeHours: Releasing Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Shot of a happy relieved and elated woman standing at grey wall.Here’s a fact: If you have a heartbeat, you have stress. Even amoebas experience stress! It’s essential for living, and spikes in stress are part of a natural fluctuation as we encounter new experiences, situations, people and even certain times of day. All said, stress has a purpose. But living with perpetual high stress can lead to anxiety and a permanent state of overwhelm— certainly not the states you want to live in! Ignoring and mismanaging stress may very well lead to health and energy crises like high blood pressure, headaches and lack of sleep, just to name a few.

During August’s OfficeHours, DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein will share her experiences and insights by exploring the differences between stress and anxiety, including what’s going on in the brain during “Calgon moments” at the office and during life in general. She’ll then investigate with participants how to release unhealthy stress and re-lease life with some remarkably effective practices. Join us, and you’ll also experience a DRIVEN technique to shift your mindset from anxiety to excitement during overwhelming episodes. Your motivation and reward could be better productivity, greater confidence, and a healthier life. Register by following this link.

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