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Jun 21

OfficeHours: Releasing The Need To Control

Pretty young female movie director sitting in chair holding megaphone.Pssst. Hey, you, Movie Star! That’s right. Every one of us is the star of our very own movie called “life”. We wander around all day in our own Truman Show. We ARE reality cinema! And as much as we want to be the directors of our own movies, selecting our co-stars and minor characters, and remaining in full control, the truth is that we can’t!

Sure, we can direct ourselves to sleep at night, and to take out the trash, and create scenes where we’re enjoying a great meal. But we can’t direct or control all workplace and family situations. As much as we desperately want to make someone do something in a certain way, it’s just not a possibility. The new question is, can we come to terms with that?

If you’re tired of living this way and want to shed the compulsion to be in life’s director’s chair, join DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein for our June 2019 OfficeHours. We’ll explore the concept of releasing the obsessive need to control situations and people, from a perspective of creativity. You’re invited to share your thoughts and experiences of how control leads to security, and when it can become overbearing. We’ll then take real steps to release (some) control by getting comfortable with “messy” and embracing the upsides of vulnerability and uncertainty. Start making the magic happen….register by following this link.

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