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Dec 20

OfficeHours: Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs


The final DRIVEN OfficeHours of the decade will highlight the common thread weaving through the various topics we’ve examined during 2019: Our Limiting Beliefs. Utilizing real anecdotes, we’ll review what has resonated with readers, clients and the DRIVEN Team, and share case studies of how releasing these limiting ideas has served the professionals in our sphere of influence.


Join us on December 20th, and you’ll be taking steps to employ the growth mindset in its most effective manner. Your reward will be a personal epiphany: You CAN release the habitual “no” that echoes in your head and consider what your life would look like if you were guaranteed not to fail. By acknowledging and addressing the roadblocks, challenges and hurdles we addressed this year, you’ll be shifting your energy from limiting beliefs to aspirational thoughts. We challenge you to finish out the decade that birthed DRIVEN Professionals by guiding your own journey toward success. Release and imagine!   


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