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Dec 21

OfficeHours: The Art of Offering Feedback

Essential to the career maximization of your reports is maintaining an accurate assessment of each individual’s progress by perpetually identifying areas of opportunity and the need for improvement. Translation: The only way professionals can achieve their full potential is through receiving feedback. Sadly, nine out of 10 managers give feedback poorly, which leads to mixed messages, toxicity and turnover. We invite you to become part of the 10%!

During DRIVEN’s December OfficeHours, you’ll reframe how to think about feedback in the way business coaches do, with three simple steps (and remember, simple does NOT mean easy). First, we’ll address the elephant in the room and zero in on why you might find it challenging to give feedback. Then we’ll apply neuroscience and begin to rewire your brain to see feedback as providing a gift. Thirdly, you’ll learn to reframe the interaction as an activity you can better accept. Your time will be well-spent on this informative webinar. Register by using this link.

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