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Apr 19

OfficeHours: Turning FOMO Into JOMO

We live in a cultural environment where we’ve become convinced that status and title are the things that matter most. Complicating this are the modern standards of beauty, wherein youth, good looks and slender body type reign supreme, holding our emotional capital ransom. With so much energy and financial resources devoted to keeping up with the Joneses in these departments, it’s no wonder our priorities are out of whack.

Ironically, the Joneses themselves are imposters. The average American household is shouldering $137K in debt. The picture-perfect models you see in magazines are more airbrush and makeup than flesh and bones. Furthermore, with the use of social media, people tend to exaggerate the good in their lives, turning each other into envious spectators poised to compete. The natural result is a phenomenon so unthinkable and socially debilitating that we’ve condensed it to an acronym. It’s called FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out.

Here’s some advice from the gods: Let’s get real about differentiating FOMO from honest social pressures and what’s actually best for you in your life. If you’re not sure where to begin, you’ll want to take advantage of DRIVEN’s April 19th OfficeHours, where we’ll explore two giant steps towards doing what you want to do because it makes you feel good, transforming your Fear into Joy. You’ll also learn how to assess the dozens of choices you’re faced with each day and overcome the associated “must watch” and “must do” temptations. Finally, you’ll discover the most powerful first step towards carving out the ideal lifestyle for you. Here’s a hint: You’re closer than you think to exactly that!

We invite you to join the conversation, prepared to share your own stories, challenges and triumphs over FOMO. Simply register by following this link.

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