Executive Coaching Terms & Conditions

I am excited to start working with you to clarify your goals and coaching with you to realize your aspirations.

The components of our specific coaching relationship will be detailed during our discovery session. My commitment is to support you as you navigate the journey of being a courageous, effective and inspired professional.

This letter sets forth the ground rules; the ways of our working together. If you agree, please sign this document, and we’ll be off and running. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and we will address them.

About Coaching. Coaching is designed to deepen awareness and inspire action to create unprecedented results. It’s an opportunity to gain perspective on what is happening in your workplace, how you are experiencing work, and how others may experience you. We will explore many things together, but whether and how to proceed with insights or information is completely your choice. You are responsible for your health and wellbeing at all times during coaching, as in every other area of your life, and I do not and cannot expressly or impliedly guarantee or warrant results or outcomes.

Confidentiality. Anything that is said or revealed in the sessions between coach and client is privileged information and will not be disclosed to any outside party without your permission. The exception is if the information revealed includes disclosure of illegal, unethical or criminal activities.

Coaching Sessions and Scheduling. Our coaching sessions will be conducted using video conferencing or by phone. Emergencies do come up, and you or I may need to cancel a session. If you need to cancel,

please give me as much notice as possible and reschedule as soon as possible (via email), and I will do the same.

Time frame. This agreement is for the number sessions purchased scheduled over an agreed upon time after initial meeting. The agreement can be extended for an additional period of time at the same rate based on mutual agreement.

I am completely committed to your success and look forward to exploring and working together.


Deborah Goldstein