Intentional Productivity Workbook

12 Principles to design a life of clarity, focus and fulfillment

Are you overwhelmed because you “just don’t have enough time”?

  • Do you have difficulty staying focused and on-task each day?
  • Do you always feel like you’re rushing from one task to the next?
  • Does it feel right to take time to reset your life right now so you can move forward with new habits that serve you better?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! And you’re not alone.

Every day, we pick our heads up at the close of our hectic days with the overwhelming realization that we have accomplished only a fraction of what we intended to do. We close the day feeling overwhelmed by an ever-growing list of outstanding actions and decisions, knowing that tomorrow will likely look the same. But it doesn’t have to!

With the self-guided program Intentional Productivity: 12 Principles to design a life of clarity, focus and fulfillment, you can improve the way you think about, address, and execute career and personal activities and habits. 

This self-paced training program will teach you how to embed cutting-edge, science-based practices into your life, focusing your work and allowing you to devote attention to what matters most to you. You will experience each day with a sense of focus, control, ease, and accomplishment. How does that sound to you?

Are you ready to discover how to live and work a more energized and engaged life for decades to come?

Here’s what you’ll learn with the Intentional Productivity Program:


  • Recognize what depletes and replenishes your personal energy
  • Understand self-imposed factors that inhibit attention and achievement
  • Apply scheduling strategies best suited to your biorhythms
  • Mitigate mental energy drains that are specific to the workplace including the new work-from-home model.
  • Expand your efficiency, engagement and output by employing intentional practices

Take an inside look at what you get with the Intentional Productivity course.

Thoughtful action-oriented sets of exercises that will help you utilize your time better.

  • Aspirational Challenges to guide you to look to the future and consider what is possible. You get to create the essence of who you actually aspire to be.
  • ExperiMentor Challenges to convert concepts into practices, habits and ways of being.
  • Moments of Mindfulness (MOM) to help you employ mindfulness throughout your day. How do you build a mindfulness practice? Basically, you ‘invite your mind back to the present’ again and again and again.
  • Videos for each Module that expand the content.
  • Self-paced modules that are designed to teach you steps to create systems that work for you. You can tackle one module a week or one a day. The pace is up to you!

We work with clients interested in:

Phase 1: Lay the Groundwork

Clarify your unique motivation to increase your engagement and understand how your mind and body are wired. These are organic first steps to enhancing your attention.

  • Identify what you deem crucial to live a fulfilled life
  • Learn a technique to shift from anxiety to excitement
  • Create a plan to address your self-determined ‘energy enhancement’ goals

Phase 3: Create Intentional Practices

Build systems and boundaries to work with greater efficiency and focus on the tasks, activities and projects that matter most.

  • Learn three ways to mitigate procrastination TODAY
  • Establish protocols to minimize future interruptions
  • Utilize our favorite tips to manage your inbox
  • Practice a quick-check technique to determine when and how boundaries can be set

Phase 2: Schedule Strategically

Create practices to leverage your schedule to maximize your engagement and energy while you are working, so you can fully enjoy your time away from work.

  • Understand your personal circadian rhythms
  • Learn methods to protect your best working moments
  • Create a plan to address ‘lost opportunities’ to refresh

Phase 4: Add the Secret Sauce

Explore the differentiators for optimal efficiency resulting in BIG gains in ‘found time’.

  • Determine how you best receive self-care
  • Learn how to make time ‘slow down’ using mindfulness
  • Understand the yin and yang of thinking and doing
  • Practice a dozen self-crafted mindfulness and focus hacks