Changing Conversations for A Changing World - Volume 2

How COVID-19 Changed the Future of Work:

 Aspirations, Opportunities, Best Practices


COVID-19 upended our world in many ways. The impact on the business world has been enormous and it has changed the course of how we do business.  As we slowly emerge from a virtual work environment to work structures of the future, chances are they will look different from before the pandemic, and some form of hybrid situations seem here to stay. In this book, ten business coaches share case histories and stories illustrating what worked well, and the virtual tools and practices that can carry forward in the global workplace.

Like most global business professionals, these ten coaches were experienced in occasional virtual meetings. However, when all business became virtual, they were challenged with transforming their coaching, consulting and training work to an all-virtual environment. As they developed solutions to what seemed like insurmountable obstacles at the start of the pandemic, they discovered new tools and practices that in many cases achieved equal to, if not better results than in person sessions.

In these chapters, you will learn about an online tool that helps align employee personal values with that of the corporation. You’ll read case histories from coaches who re-imagined in person workshops and training sessions for virtual sessions, learning new presentation skills, creating virtual safe spaces, interactive environments, social gathering spots, and co-creation opportunities for participants. They also share some exciting tools they used that made this possible. Other coaches address the topics of change and polarity, creating a future hybrid workplace by understanding employee needs, and creating understanding so continuity and change can co-exist within organizations.

As organizations transition to new models and new ways of working, this book will provide invaluable lessons, tools and new practices that can enhance our working environments and improve employee and customer satisfaction. 


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