Mojo Podcast Worksheet

Debi Silber’s 4 Pillars of Good Health

Mojo Wisdom: These pillars all need to be strong in order for us to live healthy lives:

Body: Physical wellness (fitness and nutrition, how we’re eating and how we’re moving)

Mindset: Our Thoughts | Our Belief System | Our Behaviors

Image: Self-Esteem | Confidence

Lifestyle: Stress | Relationships | Emotional Health | Sleep Toxicity

Justin Foster’s 3 Components of Brand (Deborah Goldstein’s Fun Fact):

1. How we Speak

2. How we Dress

3. Our Fitness– which brings on confidence and energy

… and we can manage exercise!

How do we get and keep fit in the midst of our busy lives?

Mojo Wisdom: The best way a busy person can fit in exercise is to schedule it like any other appointment. We’ll never find the time; we’ll need to make the time. Write it in your schedule. Make it early in the day. Value and respect your exercise appointment as you do appointments with clients.

What kind of exercise gives the best bang for the buck?

Mojo Wisdom: Counterintuitive as it may seem, LSD (Long Slow Distance) a.k.a. those long cardio sessions, are NOT good for you. The extended exercise floods your body with cortisol, which is a stress hormone responsible for belly fat….NOT good!

20 to 25-minute workouts suffice. Intervals are the way to go. Burst training: 30 to 60-second intervals followed by recovery burns fat like nothing else. Using your biggest muscles…your lower body…takes the most oxygen. It picks up your heart rate and burns, burns, burns!

Mojo Bonus: Stand when you can. SITTING IS NOT OUR FRIEND!

  • Standing instantly changes your energy
  • Stand while you’re on the phone | have a standing desk to work at
  • Check out this infographic about sitting and health.
  • Read this NY Times article about sitting and health.


Diet & Nutrition: Put top-quality fuel into your body for maximum performance.

Do you follow an SAD (Standard American Diet)?

Read a WAC blog post challenging you to assess if you fancy yourself a racehorse or a workhorse.

Mojo Wisdom:

  • 1st step to better health is to break the sugar habit. Oreos are as addictive as cocaine. Sugar is rocket fuel for cancer growth.
  • White and wheat (whole grains) are the same thing when it comes to glycemic index and inflammation. Whole grains are better in terms of fiber… but when it comes to energy, both spike your sugars and then leave you sluggish.
  • Fruit is not necessarily our friend. Fructose may be worse for you than sucrose….but it’s natural! Tropical fruits (hot weather) are higher in sugars à lean to berries | apple & pears.
  • Don’t be fat-phobic. Avocados, nuts, and olive oil are GREAT for you.
  • When you consume meat, you’re eating what the animal has eaten plus anything administered to the animal, including antibiotics and hormones. All of this is concentrated within the tissue in the meat. So, the cleaner the protein, the better. Opt for organic or humanely-raised, grass-fed, local meats.
  • Grass-fed meat takes less time to cook and tastes best between rare and medium rare, due to lower fat content.

Mojo Bonus: Book Suggestions- Wheat Belly | Grain Brain

Mindset: How do we adjust our mindset to be positive and energized?

We have developed limiting beliefs. Take a moment to write down your beliefs about yourself.

What are your beliefs?

  • I’m so…
  • I can’t…
  • I’ll never…

After you write your lists, ask yourself if you’ve outgrown the beliefs, and set them free! Beliefs aren’t tangible: they live in our heads.

Mojo Wisdom: Before you can change a behavior, you must examine the belief. Beliefs are the repetition of an idea from someone you trust.

Once you decide that these limiting beliefs don’t serve you anymore, You CAN rewire your mindset.

Mojo Wisdom: Create awareness of when you are thinking negatively about yourself. Put a Mojo Minder Band, or a rubber band on your wrist and snap it whenever you say or think something negative about yourself. Have a line or thought ready to replace the negative speak with. This confirmation will work to change the neural receptors. The goal is to CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT SETTINGS.

Relationships: Why are some relationships toxic?

Ask yourself who you surround yourself with.

Mojo Wisdom: Step #1: Choose to spend time with people who support you, inspire you, challenge you.

Stress: We need to stop treating the symptoms and address the causes instead.

Where does stress impact you? Head | neck | back | muscle tension | teeth grinding | digestion | insomnia?

Don’t tell your body to shut up! Zero in on the root cause of the stress. What triggered it? Is there anything you can do to mitigate the stress?

Don’t medicate the symptoms; Let your body speak to you. Treat the root cause, not the symptom.

Mojo Wisdom: Find healthy outlets for your stress. Be mindful of emotional eating | excessive drinking | shopping addiction.

Sleep: Undervalued and vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Mojo Wisdom: 2 hours of sleep before 12 midnight = 4 hours after midnight.

Set yourself up for sleep success with a good sleep routine.

Dark room | no TV | warm bath | read a book | write everything down (brain purge) | recite gratitudes before bed | review the day

Lack of sleep can lead to diabetes

Parting Words:

Think of yourself as a cake. Would you put spoiled milk, stale flour and rancid butter into your mix? What’s in your cake? Put the best ingredients into your life, and you will live deliciously. Consider what you see, feel, think, and believe and set yourself up for a sweet life!