Podcast Worksheet: Subconscious Bias

In June of 2015, Dr Keila Tyner joined DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein for a podcast discussing and dissecting Subconscious bias and its inadvertent applications in the workplace and in personal life. Dr Tyner is an expert in the social and psychological aspects of dress, appearance, image and their relationships to identity. Her wisdom and tips regarding our own subconscious biases and that of others touch upon workplace diversity, first impressions, emotional contagion, the importance of eye-contact, and several other areas of importance. Heeding her advice is essential to the career advancement of any professional.

How to Adapt This Worksheet:

-Ponder the big picture questions, and jot down some notes. This exercise will help you zero in on how to be conscious of your own biases, and how to influence others to have positive impressions of you.

-Use the time markers listed after each segment for quick reference audio searching on that specific subject matter.

The Talking Points

-Diversity Matters: The workplace is changing rapidly, mostly with respect to companies being progressive about diversity within the staff. For each of us personally, why should we care about diversity? What is your place in the diversity equation, particularly if you’re a woman? How does this relate to your subconscious biases? And ultimately, how does diversity affect teamwork and career progress? (01:31)

-“Everybody’s Got Biases”: If you don’t like someone you work with, is it okay to tune him or her out? What is the Implicit Association Test and how can it expose for you your own biases? How is having such insight a powerful tool for you in your interactions with others? (05:07)

-When you meet someone for the first time, the first impression they make on you will flood you consciousness with biases. If you are not careful, this will cause you to categorize that person from that moment forward. What are some high-stakes situations where you’ll need to make a positive first impression on someone? (08:31)

-The Moment That Matters: Consider it a given that the person you’re about to meet doesn’t have their subconscious bias in check. How long does it take after you introduce yourself to establish your first impression in that person’s mind? What are the strongest types of cues that you give off? How important are the words you say in the subconscious bias equation? (09:27)

-The Power of Emotional Contagion: How important is your smile, and when is the best time to use it? Where does eye-contact fit in? (10:50)

-Reversing The Bias: Is it possible to reverse your negative first impression upon others? How many subsequent interactions does it take to alter someone’s subconscious biases about you? What are the pitfalls of Extended Inference? (12:30)

-Opening The Toolbox: Being relaxed and self-aware are the surest ways to give off a positive first impression. This being said, what is the introversion/extraversion paradigm for business people, and which personality type is more likely to pull ahead in their career? Which type do you present yourself as vs the type you truly are? How can the way you dress create a positive or negative image about you in the minds of coworkers? (15:55)

-More On The Smile and Bias: Deborah has some fascinating and useful advice from her own personal perspective and experience on people who are stingy with smiling. After you hear this, you’ll want to make sure you properly utilize your smile in business and in all of life’s interactions. (18:54)

-Auto-Correct For The Mind: Don’t miss our July 10th 2015 Webinar with Dr Tyner, which will expand upon the points about subconscious bias discussed in this podcast. Do some soul searching, take a mental selfie, ponder the possible biases of others, and sign up today. Learn more HERE. (20:50)