DRIVEN Professionals Membership Options

Your Annual Membership Sanctions You To:

The Benefits of MembershipLive MemberVirtual MemberFull Member
Discount tickets to DRIVEN live events
and ‘Debinars’

Complimentary access to DRIVEN quarterly podcasts and teleconferencing
Complimentary access to DRIVEN’s
professional development video library
Access to select past event footage
Access to worksheets to reinforce learning
and take what you hear to the next level.
Exclusive invitations to private DRIVEN events
(additional fees apply)

  • Real Talk: Real Food– Intimate roundtable discussions over a home cooked dinner.
  • Lunch roundtables– A topical discussion over lunch with other professionals.
  • Wine tastings- Interactive, educational, and a delicious way to network!
A tax deduction – An ordinary necessary business expense for anyone currently employed.


What DRIVEN Delivers To You:

  • Networking: Cross industry networking is a must for all professionals. DRIVEN practices Proactive Hospitality resulting in energized networking and authentic connections.
  • Community Events: Thought provoking topics presented to the community then discussed in DRIVEN Signature Breakout Groups allow each participant to walk away with insight to themselves, to others, and the ability to commit to living a ‘richer life’ by applying lessons learned.
  • Workshops: Action oriented workshops provide participants with not only an action plan, but support during implementation.
  • Unique Community Opportunities: community roles such as group moderators, DRIVEN ambassadors and great books leaders instantly position you as a community thought leader. The skills learned in these positions are directly transferrable to job and life practices.
  • Social Events: Social events focus on personal development for the spirit, mind, soul, and body. All events will have a unique networking outlook, be educational and fun, too!
  • Strategic Partner Offers: Like minded companies have partnered with DRIVEN to offer our members unique experiences, or accessibility to goods and services at a discount. Check out our strategic partners.

Annual Membership:

  • Full Access Membership: Enjoy access to live energized networking events and workshops as well as virtual events – where you can learn at your own time, at your own pace.                    $360/yr
  • Live Membership:   Fully indulge in DRIVEN’s energized networking events and workshops                             $240/yr
  • Virtual Membership: Learn on your own time, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own surroundings.  $240/yr
  • Not For Profit/Government Employment: Live OR Virtual Membership: $100/yr          Full Access Membership $175/yr
  • Student: Current Graduate & Undergraduate Students Live or Virtual Membership $50/yr      Full Access Membership $80/yr


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