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About OfficeHours

OfficeHours are topical monthly webinars organized and delivered by DRIVEN and offered to participants at no charge. Often featuring guest appearances by the most influential authors, business coaches and wellness specialists in our sphere of influence, these webinars are filled with valuable insight, statistics and expert real-time responses to participants’ relevant questions.

Topics have included Corporate EQ, Executive Presence, Resilience, Empathy, Managing Stress & Anxiety, Addressing Fear & Anger, Preventing Overwhelm, Workplace Feedback, the Impostor Syndrome, Being an Effective Boss, Living in the Present, Wellness, Nutrition, Meditation and Sleep.

Be a part of the discussion and revolutionize your life and career in 45-minute increments.              

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OfficeHours: The Practice of Self-Compassion

02/21/20 12:00pm - 12:45pm

Jayne Jenkins, founder of Churchill Leadership Group, will join DRIVEN to speak about self-compassion.

With DRIVEN’s 2020 Word of the Year being Clarity, it’s time to acknowledge that “one’s reality isn’t the reality”. But be prepared: As you courageously discover the difference between your truth and the truth, you’ll be wise to rely on a healthy dose of self-compassion, recognizing and forgiving yourself for having assumed and judged in the past. With greater clarity and the newfound understanding revealed when your mind fog dissipates, you’ll no doubt be embarrassed by past myopic, ignorant, pollyannaish, uninformed and downright silly points of view. For DRIVEN’s February OfficeHours, Deborah Goldstein will be joined by Churchill Leadership Group founder Jayne Jenkins to discuss the mechanics and the benefits of self-compassion. Deborah says of Jayne, “I’ve known [her] now for 3 years. We are both active in the Conversational Intelligence® community, and I think of her as ultra-competent and confident, witty and wise, gracious and grateful. To learn that she’s been working on her own self-compassion instantly made the world feel like a linked community. I’m excited to welcome Jayne to the DRIVEN community, and am grateful that she’s willing to share her challenges, struggles and triumphs with self-compassion.” Join us for the webinar, and take the opportunity to participate in the discussion in real time!  
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OfficeHours: Clarify Your Vision and Achieve Your Goals!

03/20/20 12pm - 12:45pm

Clarity continues to be the focus of DRIVEN’s programming and other explorations as we roll up to Spring of 2020. We hope you’ll continue the journey with us and keep your momentum going.

With this mentioned, DRIVEN is thrilled to welcome Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic to March’s OfficeHours! Tanja is an integral part of the Conversational Intelligence® community and is a cherished colleague of DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein. During our Friday, March 20th webinar, Tanja will share how she worked to gain Clarity during 2019 by intentionally defining her vision of the future. The remarkable result is that Tanja has become crystal-clear about what she should and should not be doing now in order to allow her intentions to come to fruition.

Tanja will share the challenges she encountered in defining her aspirations and goals, including the resistance she faced from others and from within. We welcome you to join us and celebrate the serenity Tanja has found through gaining Clarity, and how she is now able to employ boundaries that serve her, her family, her clients and her community. Register today!

OfficeHours: From Crisis To Clarity

04/17/20 12pm - 12:45pm

As each of us goes about our day, attending to minor emergencies and putting out tiny fires, we can still emerge without the perspective to allow the next day to go more smoothly. Sometimes it takes a major crisis—like one that threatens your job, or even your health—to inspire the kind of perspective that leads you to clarity.

On April 17th, Deborah Goldstein will be joined by her beloved Conversational Intelligence® colleague Charlotte Weston-Horsmann for DRIVEN’s OfficeHours, during which Charlotte will share the near-tragic story of her husband’s recent massive heart attack and two reanimations. She’ll discuss how the traumatic episode gave her clarity in a fundamental sense, demonstrating how fragile life can be, and how we lose sight of this perspective when we take ourselves too seriously. Charlotte is now crystal clear about what she needs to do, what is most important vs a waste of energy.

Join in the conversation and bring clarity into your own life in a less-dramatic manner. Register today!

OfficeHours: Distinguishing Between Your “Reality” and The Concept of Truth

05/15/20 12:00 - 12:45pm

If each one of us is truly concerned with achieving clarity in our lives and careers, there is an elusive layer of authenticity we must peel back and observe before proceeding: The contrast between truth as we’ve been interpreting it (our personal reality), and the objective truth of a particular matter. The word “contrast”, as you may have estimated, implies that there is indeed a factual disconnect for most of us, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

Our next stop on the journey toward clarity will be on May 15th, when DRIVEN’s Conversational Intelligence® colleague Ute Franzen-Waschke will be our special guest during OfficeHours. Ute will share her knowledge as a communications skills expert by walking us through the notion of “Truth”, which she says only exists in the form of our individual versions depending upon our own perspectives. These “different realities” are there waiting to be uncovered. But until we are open and brave enough to explore these, we cannot take them into account, and thus, cannot achieve the clarity necessary for success.

Register today, and be a part of this fascinating interactive discussion at the nexus of truth, reality, communication and clarity!