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About OfficeHours

OfficeHours are topical monthly webinars organized and delivered by DRIVEN and offered to participants at no charge. Often featuring guest appearances by the most influential authors, business coaches and wellness specialists in our sphere of influence, these webinars are filled with valuable insight, statistics and expert real-time responses to participants’ relevant questions.

Topics have included Corporate EQ, Executive Presence, Resilience, Empathy, Managing Stress & Anxiety, Addressing Fear & Anger, Preventing Overwhelm, Workplace Feedback, the Impostor Syndrome, Being an Effective Boss, Living in the Present, Wellness, Nutrition, Meditation and Sleep.

Be a part of the discussion and revolutionize your life and career in 45-minute increments.              

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OfficeHours: Clarity Arrives Once You’ve Made A Choice.

06/19/20 12:00pm - 12:45pm

DRIVEN has embarked on a journey to seek greater Clarity during 2020. June’s focus is Clarity based on the personal choices we make, which brings us to the question of HOW we make our choices. In the past, we had looked at making choices with the end result in mind— which is possible when we articulate and imagine the outcome we want. The new question is: What choices do I make regarding “the what” to bring me closer to my aspirations?     Personal values play a big role in this equation. This is why we’re pleased to announce that board-certified coach and organizational consultant Grace Moriz will be Deborah Goldstein’s special guest during DRIVEN’s June OfficeHours! Having looked inwardly during 2019, Grace courageously explored her Inner Source to clear external chatter and go within to discover the truth.     Join us for this clarity-related discussion on June 19th to learn about Grace’s remarkable values journey— her process, her findings, and how they’re serving her in the present. You’ll come away with an improved sense of how you can clear your inner clutter and clarify your own values.