DRIVEN Office Hours

Our webinars are not just opportunities to listen and learn; they’re interactive experiences where you offer input and guide the conversation!

About OfficeHours

OfficeHours are topical monthly webinars organized and delivered by DRIVEN and offered to participants at no charge. Often featuring guest appearances by the most influential authors, business coaches and wellness specialists in our sphere of influence, these webinars are filled with valuable insight, statistics and expert real-time responses to participants’ relevant questions.

Topics have included Corporate EQ, Executive Presence, Resilience, Empathy, Managing Stress & Anxiety, Addressing Fear & Anger, Preventing Overwhelm, Workplace Feedback, the Impostor Syndrome, Being an Effective Boss, Living in the Present, Wellness, Nutrition, Meditation and Sleep.

Be a part of the discussion and revolutionize your life and career in 45-minute increments.              

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OfficeHours: Sneak Peek at DRIVEN’s E-Workbook!

08/21/20 12:00pm -12:45pm

This session of OfficeHours is part education and partly the start of a celebration. DRIVEN has just released our very first E-Workbook! Want a sneak peek? Join us on August 20th at 12pm ET for a preview!  Intentional Productivity: 12 Principles to Design a Life of Clarity, Focus and Fulfillmentwas written with the premise that Robert Frost, in his famous passage about two roads diverging in the wood, appears to have gotten it wrong….he missed an entire road! The third road is a self-designed road, which any of us can create using the 12 Principles DRIVEN lays out in this substantial e-workbook. You’ll get a hint that this e-workbook is for you if you answer “Yes” to any of these:
  • Have you ever made it to the end of a “busy” day only to realize you haven’t gotten anything substantial accomplished?
  • Are you overwhelmed by “too much to do”?
  • Have you lost your direction?
  • Have your life and career become complicated by the pandemic work-from-home paradigm?
  • Are you at a juncture when you’d like to change your life, knowing the best way to proceed is to start with what you’ve got: Yourself?
  • Do you have a young adult in your life for whom you’d like to provide the gift of clarity?
  And we’re not going to lie: It will be work. Honestly, the word “work” is right in the description of the medium. YIKES! But what better work is there than to adjust or reinvent the aspects of your life that may be standing in your way of living with greater joy, satisfaction, peace and fulfillment? Besides, this is a lifetime commitment, not some instant fix.   So, check it out, free of charge! Mark your calendar for Friday, August 20th. Even if our e-workbook turns out not to be for you, at least one of the lessons you’ll gain during OfficeHours will resonate. And while your calendar is open, keep your eye on our website. We’ll announce the date of the International Book Launch of this universally useful and expertly crafted workbook shortly!