Sep 11

Career Navigation For First-Time Moms

Are you a professional who’s recently become a mom (or plan to)? We know you’re well aware that juggling career and motherhood doesn’t end when pregnancy ends. Right through maternity leave and beyond, you’ll need to set yourself up to keep your footing at the office.

This, of course, takes careful preparation and communication with your colleagues in advance of your leave. DRIVEN Specialist Ginny Brown has immersed herself in the career/motherhood challenge multiple times, and has some of the most enlightening perspectives on the subject we’ve ever encountered.

In our teleconference, Ginny guided participants through the before, during and afterward of maternity leave for today’s first-time moms. She touched upon how to maintain your influence at the office while you’re away, and addressed some of the challenges you’ll likely face upon your return, including how to interact with colleagues guilt-free, poising you to ease back into the mix at your own pace.

The moms on this teleconference shared stories of how they’ve coped with these challenges, and discussed motherhood next-steps….like when your baby becomes more mobile! Listen to the chat, and implement the tips into your own upcoming career mom experience.

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