Sep 11

Giving Gifts That Pop

Let the holiday shopping begin! The rush is on to search out sales and cross items off your holiday shopping list. The process can be fun, but choosing gifts for certain people on that list can prove to be a burdensome challenge that gets harder every year. How do you find a gift for a friend or family member who “has it all”? What about that colleague you want to acknowledge with something other than the predictable bottle of wine or box of chocolates? Well, your predicament has been solved!

Marketing expert Deborah Asseraf will join DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein to reveal tips for choosing presents with “pop”. As the founder of Popcorn Productions, Deborah Asseraf has been on a mission to create experiences that pop, from events to marketing campaigns, and now gift-giving! This creative thinker will offer gifting ideas that will set you apart, defining you to others as a thoughtful and innovative giver. With a special focus on business relationships, Deborah will offer imaginative guidance to highlight and reinforce your brand through the presenting of just the right gifts. Listen to the interview, and kick off a productive and enjoyable shopping season with low stress and peak inspiration!

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