Sep 11

Subconscious Bias In The Workplace

Within everyone lurks a subconscious bias. First impressions in particular are loaded with bias, and misjudgment only perpetuates from there. It is in our nature to draw bias-laden conclusions about others, turning us all into both the victims and the perpetrators, in our careers as well as our social lives.

Acknowledging that bias is a given, it’s in our interest to see the positive side of bias, and stack the cards in our favor. Dr Keila Tyner, an expert in appearance perception, is here to show us how with a podcast that explores subconscious bias from a personal perspective. Listen in and learn how to “play the bias game and win”. First, you’ll be shown how to look within yourself to keep your own subconscious bias in check. Then, you’ll be schooled on how to influence rather than dominate once you understand how others may be looking at you.

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