Sep 11

The 4 Pillars of Good Health with Debi Silber

Want to live the life you crave once and for all? Join Deborah Goldstein as she interviews The Mojo Coach Debi Silber in this high-energy podcast focusing on 4 crucial areas of health and well-being to help you to become your personal and professional best. You’ll learn strategies vital to creating that business edge, getting you to the top of your game.

Learn how you can create:

· A lean, fit body filled with energy and vitality
· A mindset that propels you to be, do and have more
· A dynamic, charismatic and magnetic image that invites people to want what you have
· A lifestyle that not only supports but amplifies your growth

During this podcast you’ll also learn…

-The 4 crucial areas to strengthen in order to become your physical, mental and emotional best
-How your beliefs, behaviors, habits, relationships and stress levels are causing health/wellness or illness/disease…and what to do about it
-How to purposefully, powerfully and passionately lead your group, team or simply your own children
-How to feel in control of your life, excited about your day, confident in your choices and sexy in your clothes
-How to create and live a life by design versus reacting to a life by default

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