Sep 11

The Power of Change with Jenny Craig

Ready to make the move and step up to a position of professional leadership? Listen to an exclusive webinar by Transformation Coach Jenny Craig of the Live Your Power Alliance that will give you your leadership wings. Learn the tools that Harvard University now says are more important than your IQ and technical skills combined! Uncover what Rutgers University Psychology Professor Maurice Elias calls “the missing piece to America’s leadership education”. Realize the cutting-edge new discoveries about how your brain works that are revolutionizing neuroscience and can help transform us into better leaders, build self-confidence, manage negative self talk, and achieve our goals.

Topics covered:

  • The Power of your Thoughts
  • One thought affects your success (energize vs sabotage)
  • Are you able to focus long enough to achieve your dream? Take an awareness test
  • Why self-help and leadership seminars have not worked in the past.
  • The secrets to neuroplasticity and autopilot.
  • How neuroplasticity works: the secrets to long term change
  • 6 Steps to changing your brain
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